Protect your passwords and personal information

Surf the internet securely and protect your privacy. Look over some tips to avoid the incorrect use of your passwords and personal data when using our website.

Create a safe password that is easy to remember and hard for other people to decipher.
Don't include personal information such as your birthday, the name of a family member or your account number.
Avoid series of numbers or letters, such as '123456' or 'qwerty'.
Do not use the same password for different services, such as bank accounts.
Be careful with any strangers in your vicinity. Don't change or recover your password in public places.
Your password is personal and non-transferable.
Change it periodically; every 4 months at the most.


Avoid fraud and phishing of your accounts:


Fake e-mails

Be careful with malicious imitations that aim to obtain your personal information. To avoid this, consider the following points:

  • They use graphics and text similar to those of LATAM.
  • They request personal or confidential information.
  • The sender, email address and links are hosted by sites that imitate LATAM.
  • They offer prizes to obtain your information.
  • They usually contain spelling and/or grammar errors. They also use words that are not normally included in our communications. 

How to avoid this?

If you have questions about an e-mail you receive, follow these steps to prevent visiting fraudulent sites and giving your personal information away.

  • Hover your mouse cursor over suspicious links. Your internet browser or e-mail program will show you the address it will take you to.
  • Even if it’s a link that looks like it’s written directly into the e-mail, check to see if it comes from a LATAM website.
  • Don’t install programs as a part of a promotion. Review the extension of the attached files (avoid “.exe” format).
  • Keep in mind that LATAM will never ask you for your LATAM Pass password or credit card information by e-mail.

By phone or text message

  • Always listen to who is speaking: both on the phone and in text messages. We will never ask you for your LATAM Pass username or credit card information.
  • We will only ask you for your Contact Center key, which consists of 4 numbers, to validate telephone operations.

Please take this advice. Review the security of your account and enjoy the best possible experience LATAM Pass can provide.