Starting April 1, 2017 all LATAM Pass member cards will be 100% digital, giving you access to quick and direct service.

Your member card can be found inside the LATAM Airlines app. To find it, log in with your LATAM Pass member number and go to the LATAM Pass/Fidelidade section.

If you have a printed card it will be valid until its expiration date (indicated on the card itself). Nevertheless, when it expires you must use your digital card.

Review this information about how to get your digital card

1. Log in and stay logged in




2. Go to LATAM Pass/Fidelidade.




3. Tap on the View card option next to your name.




4. Meet your 100% digital LATAM Pass card.




You can also print your member card from our website.

Don't have our app yet?

Download it at:

*Starting April 1, 2017, members that have an iOS system device and have downloaded their digital card will have to re-download a newer version.