See the frequently asked questions on earning and redeeming LATAM Pass Miles and on qualifying for our Elite categories, in addition to the new benefits you can enjoy in 2018.




What are LATAM Pass Miles?

This is the name given to the currency you will use to redeem and earn in the LATAM Pass program.


When will my balance appear in LATAM Pass Miles?

As of January 3, 2018 you will see your kilometers converted into LATAM Pass Miles. You will see your balance of kilometers from January 1 and 2, 2018, converted into Miles on your account statement of January 3.


How will my balance earned be converted from kilometers to LATAM Pass Miles?

The kilometers in your current balance will be divided by 1.6, taking into account that if the result is a decimal number it will be rounded up to the next whole number. In this manner, you will not lose anything during the change.


Will my balance in Miles be less than in LATAM Pass KMS?

It will appear less, but this conversion will occur in all products associated with kilometers, including when you redeem air fares and products. That's to say, if your balance in kilometers was enough to redeem for a certain destination, as of January 3, 2018, your new balance in Miles will also be enough to redeem for the same destination.


If my fare was purchased in 2017 but I will be flying in 2018, will I earn kilometers or Miles?

You will earn Miles by using the conversion rate of 1.6 kilometers per Mile.


If I ask to receive credit for a flight I took in 2017 but it does not appear in my 2018 Account Statement, will it be credited in kilometers or Miles?

You will earn Miles by using the conversion rate of 1.6 kilometers per Mile.


How will the Miles I earn on flights of oneworld Alliance and airline partners be calculated?
The manner in which they are earned will remain the same, according to the distance and class flown, but calculated in Miles.


Will the manner in which I earn at associated businesses and financial institutions change?
Our commercial partners will also convert to the manner in which Miles are earned. The new prices will be communicated to you soon.


Will the expiration of my LATAM Pass Miles change?

No, the expiration of your Miles will remain as it is now.


If I perform a redemption in 2017 and I desire to change it in 2018, how will the fares be calculated?

The way in which you can request a redemption of fares will be the same; only the value of the redemption made in kilometers during 2017 changes to Miles.


If I perform a redemption in 2017 and I desire to return it in 2018, how many Miles will the flight be worth?

The kilometers of your redemption will be converted using the conversion rate of 1.6 kilometers per Mile; if this figure results in a decimal number it will be rounded to the closest whole number.


What are Elite LATAM Pass Miles?

These are the Elite kilometers of LATAM Pass converted into Miles.


How will Elite Miles be calculated?

Elite Miles will be calculated based on the distance in Miles that you fly, multiplied by a percentage that varies depending on the cabin class, fare group and flight (domestic or international) that you choose.


How will these changes affect my category renewal process in 2018?

It will not be affected, the rules will simply change from Elite KMS to Elite Miles.


How will these changes affect my category qualification process in 2018?

As of January 1, 2018 you will being earning Elite Miles and Elite Dollars from zero. If during this year you meet the established goals, you will be able to renew or maintain your category.

Benefits available in 2018

Redeem in hotels:

You will now have more opportunities to travel, because in addition to accumulating LATAM Pass Miles, you will also be able to redeem your stays in over 100,000 hotels.


Can LATAM Pass members from any country make use of this benefit?

Yes, provided there is access to internet to be able to access the platform.


Does this only apply to hotels located in the countries where LATAM operates?

No, it is independent from the network of LATAM destinations, and so you will be able to make hotel reservations in the vast majority of countries in the world.


Is there a minimum or maximum number of nights that applies?

The maximum number of nights will be determined by the balance of miles that you have, but there is no minimum.


Can you accumulate miles from nights spent in hotels?

No, since these redeem miles they do not earn miles as with the exchange of air fares.