Fees for redeeming tickets

Service charges for redeeming LATAM Pass tickets at our Contact Center or sales offices are in addition to boarding fees and taxes and vary depending on the flight you've redeemed.

*Includes Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and North America.

Fees for changes and refunds

Changes and refunds of your tickets have additional charges depending on the advance notice and distance of your flight and must be made at our Contact Center.

When can I change or refund LATAM Pass tickets?

When the ticket hasn't been used or hasn't expired yet.
When the request is made before the flight departure time.
When the LATAM Pass Miles are still valid to be redeemed.
In the case of changes, there is an additional fee for the any differences in the fare.
A cabin Upgrade with miles refund must be requested before the flight date.
A penalty will apply to refunds in cash, excepting Black Signature, Black, and Platinum members, or passengers who have exchanged an Upgrade using miles of a member from such categories.
For commercial fare refunds, the regulation of the fare paid applies.
Only the miles redeemed that are still valid will be returned.

How do I get a refund?

By calling our Contact Center, after the refund has been processed, valid miles will be returned to your LATAM Pass account.