Special Services is an exclusive benefit for LATAM Pass Black Signature category. With this service, you can enjoy personalized care on your domestic flights as well as on your international flights.

For your domestic flights, you can access virtual assistance by WhatsApp®, which you will have to request each time you need the service.

And for your international flights, you will have personal care assistants who will serve you at airports that provide this service.

This service is for use by:

LATAM Pass Black Signature members.

We wish to provide you with a more personalized service. To do so, we need to find out a bit more by asking a few short questions.

If you have not yet completed your family details and travel preferences, do it now!

NEW | Special Services on domestic flights

This new service will be available to assist you when you need it on your domestic LATAM flights.

Our care assistants will be able to:

     Help you move up or delay your flight on the same day of your trip.

     Assistance with your Check-in if you are having any problems, and with assigning your seat.

     Respond quickly in the event of flight delays and cancellations.

*On domestic flights this service is virtual-based only, and so in the event of any situation arising please get in contact immediately.

Special Services on international flights

Get personal assistance at airports on your international flights.

Our assistants will help you as well as any of your immediate family members travelling with you*, by providing:

     Assistance in completing your check-in if you are having any problems.

     Quick response in situations of flight delays and cancellations.

     Personalized treatment from our assistants, available in 16 international airports where LATAM operates.


*Immediate family travelling with the member is understood as the spouse and children or parents of the member.