Choose to travel in your Preferred Seats

Disembark quicker by choosing Forward + seats or travel in more comfort with a Space + seat.

How can I reserve a preferred seat?

You can purchase this service at any time through the Contact Center or at a LATAM sales office.

How much does it cost to select a preferred seat?

The price will depend upon the route you are flying and the seat you choose.

What if I don't want to pay for a preferred seat?

If you don't want to pay for a preferred seat, you can choose among free seats, which you can choose when you Check-in online.

What if the only seat available is in one of the front rows and I don't want to pay an additional fee for it?
You are not obliged to pay for a seat. Complete your online check-in without selecting any seat, and you will be assigned one at the airport.

When and how can I request a refund?
If contingency of our responsibility we cannot give you the seat that you bought, LATAM Airlines would begin a process to refund your money in the same way that you paid. If in 10 days we have not contacted you, please call our Contact Center at 600 526 2000.

What are the requirements for requesting an emergency row seat?
You must be older than 15 years of age and must be able to understand and communicate in English or Spanish and read and understand the emergency seat instruction booklet.
In addition, you cannot travel with another passenger that needs assistance. You must be physically able to manipulate the emergency exit and willing to assist other passengers.