Secure Site

Purchasing at our website is comfortable, easy and secure. We work with the highest standards of security and all information entered on our site is kept strictly confidential.

Security Measures

We have TLS (Transport Layer Security) technology which ensures both the authenticity of our site as well as the encryption of all information that you provide. Each time that you purchase a ticket at our website and provide personal information, regardless of where you are, your browser connects to our site through the TLS protocol which certifies that you are really on our website and our servers (which you will notice has the HTTPS code appearing in the address bar of your browser). In this way a method for encrypting your information and a unique session key is established. This technology allows personal information such as name, address and credit card details to be encrypted before transfer so that it cannot be read as it travels over the Internet. All TLS certificates are created for a particular server in a specific domain for a verified business entity. Our website has a Cybertrust certified server from Verizon.

What data do we request?

We only ask you to enter information necessary for the purchase of a ticket. This is name, surname, address, telephone, email address and data according to the method of payment selected. In addition, we request information about your personal interests and preferences in order to develop new products and services for you.



All information entered at is kept strictly confidential.


What data do we retain?

We retain personal information such as name, surname, address, email address, LATAM Pass account number, flight data and history of your trips. This data is used to inform you, for example, about possible last minute changes. In addition, we record general statistics on visits to our site, such as number of visits, pages most visited, Internet service providers, among others, in order to develop internal measurements. This information is collected in complete anonymity.


Important does not retain information from your credit card.