Do you need extra oxygen or do you have a respiratory assistance device you will use during the flight? We give you the option of bringing your own oxygen concentrator with you.

In order to do this, you must inform our Contact Center.

Portable oxygen concentrator (POC)

You may travel with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC), free of charge, in addition to your carry-on baggage.

Be aware of the brands and models permitted on board by the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States (FAA):

Airsep "Lifestyle," by Airsep Corporation (*)

  • AirSep Freestyle 5, Model AS077
  • AirSep Focus, Model AS078.

Airsep "Freestyle," by Airsep Corporation.

Delphi Medical System RS00400.

  • Delphi RS-00400
  • iGode DeVilbiss Healthcare (*)
  • Independence Oxygen Concentrator from Oxlife.(*)

Inogen One, of Inogen Corporation.

  • Inogen One G2 from Inogen.(*)
  • Inogen One G3
  • Invacare Solo 2.

Invacare Corporation's XPO2

  • Inova Labs LifeChoice
  • Inova Labs LifeChoice Activox
  • LifeChoice by International Biophysics Corporation.(*)
  • Precision Medical EasyPulse, Model PM 4150
  • Oxus RS-00400

Respironics Evergo, of Respironics Inc.

SeQual Eclipse, produced by SeQual Technologies Inc.(*)

  • SeQual SAROS, Model 3000
  • Philips Respironics SimplyGo
  • SeQual eQuinox Oxygen System (model 4000)
  • SeQual eQuinox Oxygen System (model 4000)
  • VBOX Trooper Oxygen Concentrator

(*) To use these POC models on board, you can only travel in the Economy and Premium Economy classes.

Be aware of the conditions of POC use

  • This service is available only for flights operated by LATAM.
  • To travel with this device you must have  Medical Certificate explaining the conditions for use of the device and your health condition. The document is subject to evaluation by a LATAM doctor and must be presented at least 48 hours before the flight departure.
  • You must be able to hear any alarms that the POC may emit, be able to see the indicators and react accordingly, or travel with a companion who is capable of doing so.
  • The POC's batteries must have a capacity equivalent to 150% of the flight time, including layovers and connections. The batteries must also be in good condition and come individually packaged in order to prevent them from coming into contact with each other. The POC and its batteries must be supplied by the user.
  • The POC must fit under the seat in front of you. For safety reasons, you will not be able to use it in the first row or exit rows. In codeshare flights with LATAM and other airlines, the other airline's policies are applicable. If you need more information, visit the websites of those airlines.
  • If you are traveling with a POC, you cannot bring a pet on board with you.
  • If, for some reason, you do not comply with the requirements needed to board, we will maintain the exchange and refund conditions of the fare you purchased.
  • You must report the percentage of oxygen saturation on land, and this information must be entered into the reserve through an OSI.

Respiratory care medical devices

These devices are supported on all our routes and categories.

You can see the details of respiratory medical devices accepted for use on board on the following list. Devices that have a label, a copy of the label, an information sheet, or document from the manufacturer showing that it is designed for in-flight use will also be accepted.

In case you’re flying with another carrier on any of your trip’s legs, you’ll need to check with the airliner what the requisites for the service are.

Learn about the conditions for use of medical devices for respiratory care

In the event that you have to use your respiratory assist medical devices during the flight, you do not need to provide medical certification. You only need to comply with the conditions mentioned below.

If you will use your device during the flight, it must have enough batteries to operate autonomously throughout the duration of the flight. In our planes you can use the on-board connection, as long as it is available and the maximum power required is 75 watts.

If you need additional batteries, they must be packed within a single pack that does not allow contact between the batteries and that follows the rules for dangerous goods

Depending on the device size, you can accommodate it under the seat located in front of yours. or in the upper compartment.

The transport of these devices is in addition to standard carry-on baggage and free of charge as they are considered assistive devices.