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You must check the entry, exit and connection requirements for each country or national destination before and during your trip. Remember that the requirements are imposed by the Governments and Local Authorities and they change constantly. It is the passenger responsibility to keep updated on these changes.


Do not forget to check the following sections: Entry Requirements, Connecting Flight Information, Local Regulations (national travel conditions), Quarantine, Negative COVID-19 Test Result, Forms or Health Insurance, Face Coverings.

Information for domestic flights can be found at: Local Regulations. 


⚠ Effective July 15th, fabric-made and reusable face masks won't be allowed in Chile for domestic flights. Passengers will only be allowed to board the aircraft with surgical, 3 layers or superior face masks (KN95, N95). For more information visit the Government site


⚠ All passengers connecting in Lima (even if they remain inside the aircraft) must wear at all times 2 face masks. 


⚠ Due to the COVID-19 situation, there are requirements for international connections in certain countries. Check them out in Connecting Flight Information.

Entry restrictions by country

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