You are an important client to us and we would like to keep you informed. Throughout 2017, we will be gradually implementing changes to our purchasing process and experience for domestic flights within Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil.

These changes apply when purchasing domestic routes within these countries; Black Signature, Black and Platinum members will have exclusive benefits.


Learn about the changes to be implemented:


  Exclusive benefits

LATAM will soon offer new rate options allowing its passengers to pay only for what they need on independently purchased national and international flights.

Black Signature, Black and Platinum members will have access to these services without any additional costs.

  Reward yourself more

The accumulation of your LATAM Pass KMS from all LATAM flights are calculated specifically to ensure rewards when you’re spending is greater. Additional details regarding this change will come through soon.

  New service on board

With the new on board shopping service, LATAM now offer a wider variety of snack and beverage options for its passengers travelling on domestic routes.

We will keep you informed as these changes continue to be implemented.

Welcome to a new LATAM flight.

Together, further.