Carefully review our terms and conditions and understand your rights and obligations associated with being a LATAM Pass member:



1. General Terms

THE LATAM PASS PROGRAM (“Program”), developed by TAM LINHAS AÉREAS S.A. (“LATAM”) registered in the CPNJ [Cadastro Nacional de Pessoas Jurídicas (National Register of Legal Entities)] under no. 02.012.862/0001-60, seeks to incentivize the use of its air transportation services by the Member.

1.1 All individuals who are older than 02 (two) years of age and have registered with LATAM and Multiplus, may participate in this Program, as set forth in these Rules, hereinafter called Member(s), considering that participation in the Program will depend on their full and unrestricted agreement with the terms of these Rules.

1.1.1 If the Member is a minor between 16 and 18 years of age or a minor under 16 years of age, according to the terms of Brazilian civil legislation, their registration for use of the Program, and consequently acceptance of these Rules, must be undertaken together with Member’s parents or guardian, as assistants or representatives, and, depending on the case, the Member’s parents or guardian will henceforth be responsible for the Member’s actions in use of the Program, in the event of any illicit conduct, as per applicable civil law.

1.2 The Member is responsible for understanding these Rules, as well as the information provided to them by LATAM. The Member must keep all registered information complete and properly updated, or they risk being unable to enjoy all the awards, advantages and benefits offered through LATAM Pass. LATAM and Multiplus are not responsible, under any circumstances, for any harm or loss resulting from incorrect information presented by the Member.

1.3 LATAM Fidelidade and Multiplus Members must reside in Brazil or Paraguay to join the Program. Members that live in other countries must register through LATAM, the redemption and accumulation platform of LATAM Airlines in their country of residence.

1.4 The members that change their country of residence must update their personal data in the Program in accordance with the Multiplus provisions.

1.4.1 For members who change their country of residence to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and other European countries, including Turkey and Russia, their member profile will continue to be administered by Multiplus, but it will be part of the LATAM Pass Program.

1.4.2. The members who change their country of residence to Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand and the countries not listed in point 1.3 and 1.4.1 must accept LATAM as a redemption and accumulation platform defined for their new country of residence that will administer their Member profile and balance. The relationship will be maintained that 1 Multiplus point is equal to 1 LATAM Pass Mile, and are equivalent to accumulating and redeeming air tickets. The equivalence does not cover the final ticket price. The final ticket price may vary depending on the availability of seats for each one of the programs.

1.5 To join the Program, the Member may register via the website, or at the website, or by any other means that LATAM may disclose. Only one registration per Member is allowed.

1.5.1 Before joining, the prospect should read these Rules and their Appendixes completely. When requesting to register for LATAM Pass, the prospect confirms their unsolicited membership in the Program, as well as express their agreement with all rules, terms and conditions provided under these Rules.

1.5.2 The Program participant number will be the Member's CPF [Cadastro de Pessoa Física (Social Security Number)]. Members who do not have a CPF (foreigners  and underage members) will be given a 12 digit user number. This number will be given at registration.

1.6 Changes to Member registration and/or issue of a new password can only be completed by the Member, at any time, by submitting the necessary documentation through the Multiplus channels, upon request through the LATAM call center or on the website

1.7 To demonstrate the validity these Rules being accepted by the Member, as well as to demonstrate their wishes in this sense, LATAM will store log records of their acceptance, upon registration.

1.7.1 In the case of any disagreement, total or partial, with the terms of these Rules, the Member should abstain from completing registration on any LATAM or Multiplus portal and/or cease participation in the Program.

1.8 Points and tickets redeemed through Pontos Multiplus (“Reward Tickets”) may only be used in accordance with these Rules.

1.9 The Points obtained as per these Rules are personal, and are unable to be transferred to any third party, of any kind, including through succession or inheritance, except in procurement and use of products specified for point transfer. In the case of the Member’s death, the account will be closed and the existing points and Reward Tickets issued will be cancelled.

1.10 After August 9, 2018, Participants who violate the rules of these Rules will be suspended and/or definitively excluded from the Program, for using either bad faith, fraud or deceit in Accumulating Points and/or Redeeming Benefits, without prejudice to their respective civil and criminal liabilities.

1.10.1 Though it is not possible to describe all the cases of violating the rules of these Rules and using bad faith, fraud or deceit in the Program and/or Multiplus Network, some examples are below:

(a) The illegal or contrary practices to the provisions of these Rules;

(b) irregular, inadequate or suspicious use and/or conduct that contributes to the occurrence of fraud and/or misuse in Accumulating Points or Redeeming Benefits;

(c) Redeeming Benefits from the Program in favor of 25 (twenty-five) or more different third parties, for any reason, within a period of 12 (twelve) months;

(d) the negotiation with third parties about any form of purchase and sale of air tickets

(e) providing false or inexact information to carry out the Program transactions;

(f) providing third parties with the Multiplus Number, Password and/or Redemption Code; and

g) other cases not listed in this item, but identified as irregular and contrary to the operation of the Program and/or Multiplus Network.

1.10.2 In the events listed above, LATAM may suspend the Participant for a period of 6 (six) months or, depending on the severity of the situation, automatically exclude it from the Program. In case of recidivism, the Participant may be definitively excluded from the Network.  A penalty will be applied to any Participant who has performed any of the above acts, as well as any Participant who assisted or contributed to the practice, in violation of the provisions of these Rules.

1.10.3 In case of damage or loss to LATAM, the Participant will be obliged to indemnify it for all losses incurred, in addition to the exclusion penalty from the Program.

1.11 LATAM may cancel or change the Program, as well as perform any changes to these Rules, at any time and through prior communication to the Member 90 days in advance.

1.12 Members may accumulate and/or redeem points on flights operated by LATAM.

1.13 Members may accumulate or redeem points on flights made by partner airline companies, including members of the oneworld global alliance, as long as the accumulation and/or redemption of points takes place according to an individual partnership established between LATAM and those companies.

1.14 Information regarding partnerships can be found on the website and within the LATAM service channels. The Points, in those cases, will be granted by LATAM to Members in accordance with the established partnerships between LATAM and the referenced companies.

1.15 Points obtained by Members, in accordance with these Rules, will be counted for use not only in the LATAM Pass Program, but also in the Multiplus Fidelidade network loyalty program. For additional information regarding Multiplus, Members should consult the respective Rules on the website

1.16 Membership in the LATAM Pass program results in automatic membership to the Multiplus program.

2. How to Earn Points

2.1 Multiplus Points: considering the rate effectively paid and the Member category in the Program, the Member, who has properly registered and joined the Program, will earn Points, according to the rules and information available to the Member at the time a ticket is purchased and on In addition to earning points by purchasing tickets, Multiplus Points can be obtained by contracting Club Multiplus, according to the rules available at us.pdf and in the rules of each package available for consultation at

2.2 Elite Points: considered the distance in miles of the segment flown, the Member, who has properly registered and joined the Program, will earn Points, which may undergo variations as a result of the rate profile for the ticket, according to the rules and information available to the Member at purchase and on the LATAM website  

2.3 Elite Points will be differentiated from Multiplus Points in that Elite Points will be valid for exchange between the categories of the Program (as per item 5 of these Rules) and the Multiplus Points will be valid to redeem for prizes.

2.4 The Multiplus Points and Elite Points are individual and non-transferable, and thus will be exclusively assigned to the Members themselves, who effectively do the trip and present their participant number or CPF at the time of check-in, or that already reported the participant number in the act of making the travel reservation along with LATAM, and it was true that the Program will not benefit the person paying for the flight ticket, but it will benefit the traveler, the holder of the flight ticket.

2.4.1 Points in the Program are earned on regular LATAM flights and on other airlines that have signed partnership agreements with the Program, which are disclosed at the website

2.4.2 The flights in partnership with LATAM operated in other companies’ aircraft will not be valid for Points in the Program, except for exceptional cases that are previously disclosed by LATAM and reported to the Member at the time of purchasing the ticket.

2.4.3 The partnership agreements may be changed or closed at any time by sending the Member notification 90 days in advance. The changes will be available in the channels of communication provided by LATAM and the partner companies.

2.5 The rules for earning Multiplus points through LATAM flights will include the ones specified below:

2.5.1 For domestic and international flights the amount of Multiplus points will be earned according to the value of the fare paid by the Member in dollars. The earning factor will be determined by the country of residence and by the categories of the Program Membership. For outside Brazil: (i) LATAM: earn 5 points for every dollar spent; (ii) GOLD: earn 6 points for every dollar spent; (iii) PLATINUM: earn 9 points for every dollar spent; (iv) BLACK: earn 10 points for every dollar spent; (v) BLACK SIGNATURE: earn 11 points for each dollar spent. Visit the website for more information. For purchases made in other currencies, the values will be converted into dollars, so the points calculation will be made according to the value of the fare paid, as explained above. The conversion to dollars will occur taking into account the official IATA exchange rate on the day of purchase. 

2.5.2 The Member’s country of residence should be properly updated in the Program registry.

2.6  The release of Points in the Member account for trips completed on LATAM flights will occur within a period of 7 business days counting from the date of the flight, as long as the Member has obeyed the procedures set up in these Rules and the LATAM Pass number is registered at the time of purchase or during check-in. The deadline established herein may be extended so that the proper validations can be done by LATAM.

2.7 Points for purchasing LATAM TRAVEL products: through a partnership signed by LATAM and LATAM TRAVEL, the Member will receive Program Points upon purchasing complete tourist itineraries and other products offered by LATAM TRAVEL. LATAM bears no responsibility for the services or products offered by LATAM TRAVEL.

2.7.1 It is LATAM TRAVEL's responsibility to provide all the information and clarifications about the partnership to its Members, especially those related to deadlines for using the Points, conditions for transferring points acquired in the form conveyed by LATAM TRAVEL, and the equivalence of the value of the products or services with the points of the LATAM Pass Program.

2.8 At the time of checking in for LATAM flights, you must present your physical or virtual Card using the LATAM Airlines mobile application. In the event of the absence of their card, the Member should provide their CPF or participant number in the LATAM Pass program to register the respective Points, under penalty of losing their right to them.

2.8.1 To monitor and/or request an analysis for the manual introduction of Points, the Member must have a copy of the airfare and the respective boarding passes, as well as the documentation relating to credit card bill payment, if one was used as a payment method. Said documents must be presented for claims regarding any Program advantage or benefit. If the Points have not been accredited or registered in the Program or if there are any discrepancies, the Member must send LATAM copies of the previously mentioned documents to analyze the request. For flights through May 10, 2018, the request must be sent within a maximum of 6 (six) months after the event in question occurred. For flights starting May 11, 2018, you have 365 days. In the case of Malaysia Airlines (MH) and Iberia flights, you have 180 days to send the documents. After said time periods have passed without notification in writing, you will lose the right to earn Points.

2.9 The Points are cumulative in the Member's Multiplus account, that is, all points acquired through LATAM flights, purchases from LATAM TRAVEL, purchases with the TAM ITAUCARD and Multiplus network partners will be available in a single Multiplus account of the member, and it is at the sole discretion of LATAM to add special promotions, for specific periods, during the duration of the Program, both for accumulating and redeeming Reward Tickets, and such promotions may be disclosed on the LATAM website, as well as in  e-mail marketing campaigns and, depending on the case, the general media.

2.10 The following air tickets will not earn points: those issued with a specific or reduced promotional rate; as a result of certain commercial, financial or judicial agreements; non-scheduled flights; courtesy flights; flights on other airlines without due endorsement of LATAM; flights with companies that do not have a loyalty program partnership agreement with LATAM; for employees and/or third parties traveling on the service to be provided to LATAM or affiliated or associated companies.

2.11 LATAM reserves the right to cancel the Points originated from air tickets considered irregular, as well as to suspend the redemption of Points by delinquent Members or with any other type of irregularity with LATAM.

3. Point Redemption

3.1 Multiplus Points obtained by the Member as per these Rules will be released automatically in Members’ Multiplus accounts and may be redeemed by Members as follows: (i) issue of Reward Tickets to be used on regular LATAM flights or on partner airlines, (ii) perform a service class upgrade when the ticket was purchased for full fare, or on fares determined by LATAM, and (iii) to issue payment of administrative fees related exclusively to the Program, as per item 3.9, not permitting the use of points for payment of airport fees or any other government fees. LATAM may, at any time, launch new ways to redeem Points, replace or modify the current ones through prior communication 90 days in advance. The Elite Points obtained by the Member in the manner set forth in these Rules will also be automatically posted to the Member's account, but will not be valid for the redemption of prizes.

3.1.1 The Reward Ticket may be issued at LATAM stores, at the Sales center or through the use of the Multiplus platform accessible by the site

3.2 The redemption must be made through the use of a personal password registered by the Member when registering for the Program. The password and the Member’s personal information may be changed any time by the Member, according to the instructions in Multiplus. The redemption will be made for the minimum Points necessary for issuing the Reward Ticket, as established in the Program’s means of communication.

3.2.1 LATAM will not be responsible for the misuse of the number and redemption password, including, but not limited to, cases of loss, theft or misplacement by any means or in any form. The improper use of the access data shall be the sole responsibility of the Member, including the responsibility for damages caused by misuse by third parties, and LATAM and Multiplus are exempt from any liability for such acts.

3.2.2 At the time of redemption, an authorization code must be requested to be entered, to be sent to the Member’s telephone number kept in their register. The Member undertakes to keep its contact telephone numbers, address, including country of residence, and e-mail address duly updated (as per the updating process described in item 1.4), as well as to keep the authorization code received under strict confidentiality, not disseminating, providing or sharing it by any means or form.

3.3 For the issuance of an Reward Ticket, it is mandatory that the Points have been issued for the Member and that it is within the validity period, that is, the period of 2 (two) years counted from the date of earning the oldest Points.

3.3.1 All rules for Reward Tickets on behalf of the Member are valid and applicable as well as in the event of the Member issuing Reward Tickets to third parties.

3.3.2 The Member will receive communications from LATAM and Multiplus through its channels, informing Members of their balance of points and information regarding the Program. The Member shall also be able to contact LATAM or Multiplus through their communication channels to monitor their balance of points, in addition to other information related to the present Program.

3.4 With the applicable advance notice, the Member must make and confirm their LATAM flight reservation of their interest, and must state that they will use Points from this Program and indicate the date and time of the flight and class of their choice on the aircraft. The reservation will be completed exclusively in the specific reservation classes for that type of use, and are conditioned on the number of points available in the Member’s account for issue and/or availability of seating on the flight and date selected, thus, if the Member does not have sufficient balance for issue or the class of reservation for Reward Tickets, or it is not possible to use for the flight selected by the Member, the reservation cannot be completed, even if there is a space available in other reservation classes. The Reward Ticket will be issued immediately after the reservation is made.

3.4.1 All destinations operated by LATAM will be available for redemption 365 days in advance of the flight date. The destinations operated by the partner airlines will be available for redemption according to the rules of the partner airline.

3.5 The Member acknowledges that the Points necessary to obtain advantages from this Program may vary due to several factors, such as: segments, numbers of available connections on the selected segment, flights, dates, aircraft, service classes, fares, low and high season periods, the sales channels they choose, among others. The Member is responsible for being informed through the communication channels provided by LATAM about the Points tables, in accordance with item 3.5.2 below.

3.5.1 To redeem Reward Tickets on LATAM flights, different types of redemption profiles will be available, according to the rules available on the LATAM communication channels and on the Multiplus site available at

3.5.2 The Points tables necessary for obtaining the advantages and benefits of this Program and launching promotions that involve the Program will be disclosed by LATAM to the Members through its site, from the Multiplus site (, of correspondence, propaganda or other means of communication that LATAM and Multiplus have, and these tables may be changed during the Program, by sending notification to the Member 90 days in advance, except in relation to the promotional tables.

3.6 Both for redeeming Points on flights operated by LATAM, and for flights operated by other LATAM partner airlines, the Member can count the travel if it is round-trip.

3.7 The Member can make the ticket payment in a cabin and travel in an immediately superior cabin, premium, economy or premium business, by redeeming their Points as an award with the “Upgrade with Points” product. As such, the original ticket should be purchased, for the full fare amount, or on fares determined by LATAM, which still require specific Points, depending on the terms of the segment, the available fee class and date, selected for the trip.

3.8 Within its period of validity, the Reward Tickets will allow: (i) segment substitution, for the flight and date based on payment of applicable administrative fee for the selected redemption profile, which will be communicated at the time of purchase, to be paid by the Member when the new airfare is issued, and the Multiplus Points to be reused must be within the 2 (two) year validity period; and (ii) cancellation of valid and unused airfares, with reimbursement of respective Points, as long as it is within a 2 (two) year period, on the Member’s Multiplus account, minus the applicable administrative fee for the selected redemption profile. Therefore, the Points used to obtain the ticket to be cancelled must be within its validity, within the terms of this Program.

3.9 In any case, the Points necessary to obtain the advantages of this Program must have been obtained by a single holder, and the beneficiary of the Reward Ticket may be the holder or a third party that they indicate.

3.10 The Member shall be responsible for the payment of the boarding fee, which is charged by the competent aviation authorities, and with the other official fees and taxes of any nature that may be established by national and/or international authorities, as well as with the payment of additional emission amounts resulting from services provided by channels made available by LATAM for the issue of the Reward Ticket.

3.11 Reward Tickets issued by redeeming Points on LATAM and partner flights must be used within a maximum and non-extendable deadline of 365 days (three hundred sixty-five) days counted from the date of its issue. The non-use of the ticket in the stipulated periods will result in expiration, and consequently loss of the respective Points.

4. Segments

4.1 Connections, with aircraft change which a flight has until its final destination will be considered 01 (one) Segment, i.e. each stop will be counted as a Segment until the final destination. For example, a Segment departing from airport A, connection in airport B and final destination in airport C, in this case will be counted as 02 (two) Segments (from “A” to “B” and from “B” to “C”). Layovers without changing aircraft are not considered as a Segment.

4.2 The cases that are not provided for in the rule above will not be considered new flights.

5. LATAM Pass Card Levels

5.1 There are 5 (five) Levels for the LATAM Pass Card, which are: LATAM, GOLD, PLATINUM, BLACK and BLACK SIGNATURE. At any time, LATAM may release new Card levels and/or categories, substituting or modifying the current ones by sending advance notification to the Members.

5.1.1 It is established that, as a result of LATAM forming part of the oneworld global alliance of airlines, the BLACK SIGNATURE and BLACK levels will be equivalent to “Emerald” of oneworld, the PLATINUM level will be equivalent to “Sapphire” of oneworld, and the GOLD level will be equivalent to the “Ruby” level of oneworld.

5.2 As of January 1, 2017, to upgrade or maintain the same Card Category, the Member must have earned, at least, the following amount of points (Elite Points), between January 1 and December 31 ("Calendar Year"), exclusively on LATAM and oneworld flights: (i) 21 700 Elite Points for GOLD; (ii) 43 400 Elite Points for PLATINUM; (iii) 80,000 Elite Points for BLACK; and (iv) 130,000 Elite Points earned only on LATAM flights for BLACK SIGNATURE.

5.2.1 As of 11/01/2018, Multiplus Club members that comply with all the requirements established by the product rules will be included in the GOLD category, provided that they are part of such program, in accordance to the regulations available in In the event that they cease to be part of Multiplus Club or do not comply with the rules of the product in question, they must comply with the rules in this Regulation so that they are eligible or able to remain in the same category.

5.2.2 In the event that the Member does not reach the necessary amount of points to be upgraded or remain in the same Card Category, the number of paid LATAM segments made in the same Calendar Year will be the second evaluation criteria, and such amount must be, as a minimum: (i) 30 segments of LATAM flights for GOLD; (ii) 60 Segments of LATAM flights for PLATINUM; and (iii) 100 segments of LATAM flights for BLACK.

5.2.3 As of January 1, 2017, if the Member does not reach the necessary amount of points to be upgraded or remain in the same Card Category, or if it does not reach the necessary number of segments, a third evaluation criteria will be considered: the Member must have earned in the same Calendar Year, at least, the following amount of points - exclusively on LATAM or oneworld flights - added to the number of LATAM paid segments flown, and such sum must be, as a minimum: (i) 24,800 Elite Points plus 6 segments in LATAM’s Premium Cabin (Premium Economy or Premium Business in flights with a distance greater than 1000 miles) for PLATINUM; (i) 49 700 Elite Points plus 8 segments in LATAM's Premium Cabin (Premium Economy or Premium Business in flights with a distance greater than 1000 miles) for BLACK; and (ii) 111 800 Elite Points plus 16 segments in LATAM's Premium Cabin  (Premium Economy or Premium Business on flights with a distance greater than 1000 miles) for BLACK SIGNATURE.

5.2.4 A downgrade of the category ("downgrade") may occur, which will always be a downgrade from a superior category to the one right below it, according to the evaluation that LATAM must perform annually, for which the amount of points earned during 1 Calendar Year will be considered.

5.2.5 The items mentioned above, that set forth the rules to be promoted to remain in the same Card Level, will only be applicable to Members residing in Brazil. For countries of residence other than Brazil, the valid rules are available at the company’s local site in the rules section of the loyalty program.

5.3 The Program will offer exclusive benefits and services for each Card Level, which will be communicated to the Members through the LATAM communication channels and whenever necessary.

5.4 The Members will have access to the Program benefits: (i) via the respective participant’s number or; (ii) CPF number, or; (iii) by presenting the virtual card available on the LATAM Airlines App or; (iv) via or; (v) via the Member Service Line telephone 4002-5700 (Brazil state capitals) and 0300 570 5700 (throughout Brazil); as there is no way to print a physical card.

6. Usage and privacy policy








LATAM Pass program member registration and management.

Sending of commercial communications regarding products and services related to the LATAM Pass program.


Contract performance.

Legitimate interest.


Businesses associated with Multiplus


The right of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, limitation and portability.




  • LATAM AIRLINES GROUP S.A., Taxpayer ID (Rol Único Tributario, RUT) 89.862.200-2 and registered address at Avda. Presidente Riesco 5711, piso 19, Las Condes, Santiago de Chile

·         LATAM Airlines Brasil, Corporate Taxpayer Registration No. (Catastro Nacional de Persona Juridica, CNPJ) 02.012.862/0001-60 and registered address at Verbo Divino nº 2001, andares: 3º conj. 31 e 32, 4º conj. 41 e 42, 5º conj. 51 e 52, 6º conj. 61 e 62, 8º conj. 81 e 82, 10º conj. 101 e 102, 12º conj. 121 e 122, 13º conj. 131 e 132, 15º conj. 151, 16º conj. 161, 17º conj. 171 e 172, Edifício Condomínio Espaço Empresarial Nações Unidas, bairro Chácara Santo Antônio, São Paulo/SP - Brazil

  •  MULTIPLUS S.A, CNPJ 11.094.546/0001-75 and registered address at la Alameda Xingu, 350, conjuntos 1701 e 1702, Condomínio iTower Iguatemi Alphaville, Alphaville, Brazil.


You can contact our data protection officer through the email:



By accepting this Privacy Policy, the user is hereby informed and gives his/her free, informed, specific and unequivocal consent for his/her personal data to be processed by the co-respondents. This includes data provided by way of his/her registration as a LATAM Pass member, as well as data derived from the customer loyalty program and any other data that could be provided in the future.


The user must attentively read the Privacy Policy, which was written in a clear and simple way to aid in its understanding, and freely and voluntarily determine if he/she wishes to provide his/her personal data to LATAM and MULTIPLUS.


The data requested in the member registration form for the LATAM Pass program, as well as for managing the advantages obtained as a member, are generally mandatory (except when otherwise specified in the required fields) to achieve the established purposes.


Thus, if they are not provided or incorrectly provided, your request cannot be attended to.



The personal data provided through the Website will be processed by the co-respondents for the following purposes:


·         Maintenance, development, performance and management of the contractual relationship established with the LATAM Pass member for the loyalty program.


·         Sending of commercial communications regarding products and services relating to LATAM Pass loyalty program benefits, which may be customized based on his/her profile. He/she may, at any time, exercise his/her rights to oppose the processing of his/her personal data for purposes related to marketing.


Said processing will be carried out with full respect of the RGPD and only when strictly necessary for the provision of the service and/or the satisfaction of the legitimate interests of LATAM and MULTIPLUS, provided that they are not superseded by other rights and liberties of the User.


The data will be stored for the time necessary for the execution of the purposes they were collected for, except when the user requests to be unregistered and opposes and revokes his/her consent.


The data will be generally stored for the following time periods:


·         Documentation associated with the contract: 5 years, from the termination of his/her status as member of the LATAM Pass loyalty program.



The co-respondents will process the following categories of user data:

o   Identifying data: name and last name(s) (in case of forgetting the member number), identity document (type, country of issue and number), sex, nationality.

o   Personal characteristics data: date of birth.

o   Contact data: email, passwords, address and contact information.

o   “Frequent flyer” identification codes or keys: Membership number.

o   Data stemming from the management of the loyalty program: acquisition and use by the member of program services and advantages.



The processing of user data by LATAM and MULTIPLUS is based on the execution of the contractual relationship obtained by accepting these terms and conditions. The consent hereby requested may be revoked at any time.

The processing of his/her data for the sending of commercial communications related to the LATAM Pass program is based on the legitimate interests of the co-respondents after careful deliberation and taking into account the rights and freedoms of the Users.


User data may be shared with:


  • LATAM and MULTIPLUS, as co-respondents of the data processing, for the correct management of the LATAM Pass loyalty program.


  • Businesses associated with MULTIPLUS, for the enjoyment of the benefits of the LATAM Pass loyalty program, including businesses in the LATAM Group, credit card operators and airlines, for the purposes of managing the points accumulated by the program member.


Additionally, the data may be accessible by LATAM and MULTIPLUS providers, respectively, with said access being necessary for the adequate execution of the legal obligations and/or previously stated purposes. Said providers will not process his/her data for purposes that have not been previously informed to the co-respondents.


The recipients listed in this section may be located within or outside of the European Economic Area, and if so, the international transferring of data is duly legitimized.


The user may send a written letter without cost at any time to the co-respondents at the address stated at the beginning of this clause, or by email to the addresses (For LATAM) and, attaching a copy of his/her identity document, to:

·         Revoke the consent that had been provided.

·         Obtain confirmation as to whether LATAM or MULTIPLUS are processing personal data corresponding to the user or not.

·         Access his/her personal data.

·         Correct inaccurate or incomplete data.

·         Request the deletion of his/her data when, among other reasons, the data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected.

·         Obtain the limitation of the data processing from LATAM or from MULTIPLUS when one of the conditions established in the data protection regulation is met.

·         Request the portability of data provided by the User in an active and unconscious way, as well as the observed data provided by the user for the use of the service.

·         Contact the LATAM or MULTIPLUS data protection officer at the following addresses: (for LATAM)

·         A claim may be filed regarding the protection of one’s personal data before the competent control authority, specifically before the Spanish Data Protection Agency at the address Calle de Jorge Juan, 6, 28001 Madrid, when the interested party considers that LATAM or MULTIPLUS has infringed his/her rights that are recognized in the applicable data protection regulation.




The co-respondents will process the user’s data in an absolutely confidential way at all times, while upholding their mandatory duty to the data’s secrecy, pursuant to what is established in the application regulation. To that effect, they will take all of the technical and organizational measures necessary to guarantee the security of the data and prevent their alteration, loss and unauthorized processing or access, while taking into account the status of the technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which they are exposed.

7. Program Validity

7.1 The Program will remain in force indefinitely, and can be changed at LATAM’s discretion, based on prior communication to Members 90 (ninety) days in advance. In the event of a change, the Points released in favor of the Member, the Reward Tickets already issued, in addition to the Reward Tickets issued on behalf of the person or persons indicated by them during the validity of these Rules will remain valid for the respective periods of time mentioned in these Rules.

7.2 These Rules will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Brazilian legislation.

7.3 The Air Transport resulting from the use of Reward Ticket or the redemption of the Points is regulated by the Brazilian Aviation Code (Law No. 7.565/86), the Montreal Convention (Decree No. 5.910/06), the National Civil Aviation Agency's Decrees and Resolutions and other applicable legislation.

7.4 The present Rules are duly registered in the 1st Registration Office of Titles and Documents in the City of Sao Paulo, substituting and canceling the ones recorded previously.

8. Validity of the Rules

8.1 These Rules enter into force on 5/9/2018.