Remember that starting in 2019 the way to qualify for our Elite categories will change. Review the details of this change.

Qualify for our Elite categories

As a LATAM Pass member you can access our superior categories by earning Elite Points and segments flown with LATAM during one calendar year (between January 1 and December 31). 

This is how to earn Elite Points

Elite Points are calculated based on the distance you fly on LATAM flights, multiplied by a percentage that varies depending on the cabin class, fare category and flight that you choose (domestic or international).

Earning percentages on domestic flights:

Domestic flights

Earning percentages on international flights:

International flights

Earnings for international flights before October 20, 2018

Review the percentages earned for international tickets purchased before October 20, 2018.

This is how to earn LATAM segments

These are LATAM flights from one destination to another, with or without stopover, that have the same flight number

If you have a connection (stops that require you to disembark the airplane and change flight number), each segment is counted separately to qualify.

LATAM segments

There are also special segments, defined as flights further than 1,000 miles in LATAM Premium Economy and Premium Business class.


This is how to access our Elite categories:



Option 1:
21,700 Elite Points with LATAM and oneworld.

Option 2:
30 segments flown with LATAM.


Option 1:
43,400 Elite Points with LATAM and oneworld.

Option 2:
24,800 Elite Points with LATAM and oneworld + 6 special segments.

Option 3:
60 segments flown with LATAM.


Option 1:
80,000 Elite Points flown with LATAM and oneworld.

Option 2:
49,700 Elite Points flown with LATAM and oneworld + 8 special segments.

Option 3:
100 segments flown with LATAM.

Black Signature

Option 1:
130,000 Elite Points with LATAM.

Option 2:
111,800 Elite Points with LATAM and oneworld + 16 special segments.

Terms and Conditions

  • To renew member categories in 2018, the qualifying rules from 2017 apply.
  • These qualifying rules are valid for members residing in  Europe, except Spain, Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Check how many Elite Points you’ve earned in your account statement. You can also easily view your progress in complying with qualification rules for a superior category.