Redeem your LATAM Pass KMS in order to fly with LATAM Airlines or oneworld airlines to more than 1,000 destinations worldwide. And remember, if you need kilometers you can buy them.


From now on, flying just depends on you

What are you waiting for? Redeem your LATAM Pass KMS and choose one of more than 1,000 available destinations to make your dream trip a reality. You can also use your kilometers for promotions on products and services or to request a superior cabin on your longer trips. In addition, if you need kilometers you can buy them during the redemption process. Remember that your fares are issued when you perform the redemption.

With Flexible LATAM Pass Redemption now it is easier to redeem your kilometers because there are more coupons available. You can also redeem in the Classic level, the lowest level of required kilometers, and we will make many additional options available for you, in order for you to have more flight options and more availability when choosing your ideal flight, for a larger amount of kilometers.


Don't miss out on our promotional fares

We want it to be as convenient and simple as possible for you to choose your vacations or relaxation days. Therefore, please take advantage of our LATAM Pass offers and enjoy all the options we have prepared for you.

In order to make redeeming fares even easier, our new redemption system has a calendar where you can see all the available fares three days before and three days after the date you chose to fly.



Useful information about redeeming


  • Each time you redeem a LATAM Pass fare in our sales offices or via our Contact Center a service charge will apply for each fare. This charge is in addition to boarding fees or taxes and varies according to the type of fare you redeem. If you perform the redemption on our web site, no service charge will apply.
  • Considering boarding fees and taxes. LATAM Pass fares, like paid fares, have associated boarding fees and taxes that you will have to pay when performing the redemption. You can pay these online with your credit card in step 3 of the reward redemption process.
  • Fares to fly with LATAM Airlines are valid for 1 year from their issue date. The maximum stay is 1 year for national flights and international flights, from the issue date of the flight.

Because of the complexity of itineraries and the diversity of connections and combinations, there are fares that can only be redeemed via our Contact Center or your travel agent. These include:

  • Fares to fly on oneworld without connections with LATAM Airlines flights.
  • Upgrades with LATAM Pass KMS.
  • Other fares to fly with LATAM Airlines (with more than one destination, that combine airlines or that include routes not available for kilometer redemption online).