Your LATAM Pass Points will take you to your dream destination

Redeem points for tickets to fly to more than 1,000 destinations worldwide offered by LATAM, with oneworld and partner airlines.


For example:

Tomas wants to reedem his points for a trip from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro. He entered and selected the "Use your LATAM Pass Points" option at the check-out.

As previously announced, frequent flyer agreements between LATAM and American Airlines will be in effect until LATAM leaves oneworld Alliance.

This is why LATAM will offer the following change options for tickets redeemed with American Airlines for requests made starting May 1st, 2020:

  • Routes where LATAM also operates: change without penalty fees, using the LATAM route (ex: GRU-MIA), or refund and extension of points.
  • Routes where LATAM does not operate, but we have a frequent flyer agreement with another airline: change without penalty fees, using associated airline flights (ex: LAX-SFO with Alaska Airlines), or refund and extension of points.
  • Routes where LATAM does not operate and we are not in a frequent flyer agreement with another airline: refund and extension of points.

*LATAM Pass Points Extension: 2 years from the date that the ticket trip starts.

See how many points you’ll need to redeem for fares on oneworld and associated airlines.

Terms and Conditions

  • There are three types of redemption:
    Promo: allows you to redeem using less points than the Classic Exchange. The longer the advance of the exchange, the more chances you have to find an empty flight and for fewer points. This benefit is subject to availability.
    Classic: you use the standard amount of points. Option available most of the time.
    Without restrictions: it allows you, using more points, to redeem up to the last free seat of the flight. The shorter the advance, the more opportunities you have to find this type of exchange.
  • If you redeem at a sales agent and Contact Center, you should pay a service charge on top of the boarding fees and taxes, which will vary depending on the kind of trip. If you perform the redemption on our web site, no service charge will apply.
  • Consider boarding fees and taxes. The LATAM Pass tickets, as well as the paid tickets, have boarding fees and associated taxes that you must cancel at the time of the exchange. You can pay online with your credit card in step 3 of the redemption process.
  • Tickets redeemed with LATAM Pass Points are valid for 1 year since issue date. Once trip has started, the maximum stay at the destination can be of up to 1 year, for both national or international routes.