Special Services is a personalized, priority service to assist our Black Signature members on their domestic and international flights.

In this way we assist you:

 Domestic routes: contact us whenever you need help via WhatsApp® starting 48 hours before your flight.

 International routes: the same day of your flight, our executives will assist you and your direct family members traveling with you on-site at the 14 airports that have this service. We are available to assist you whenever you need it, from 48 hours before your flight, via WhatsApp® and by phone.

*Spouses, children and parents are considered direct family members traveling with the member. They must be previously registered as beneficiaries.


We wish to provide you with a more personalized service.
Help us by filling out this form with your family’s information and your travel preferences.

Enjoy these services:

Contact us:


+56 9 9078 7693
Monday to Sunday: from 05:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

*Times are shown in local time for Chile and Brazil.