How can I obtain a preferred seat?
During online Check-in, you will have the option to select a More Legroom or Front Rows seat. On selecting, you will see the total amount payable to reserve it and complete your Check-in.

How much does it cost to select a preferred seat?
The price will depend upon the route you are flying and the seat you choose.

What if I don't want to pay for a preferred seat?
If you don't want to pay for a preferred seat, you can choose one of the free seats. You can do this when you check-in online.

What if the only seat available is in one of the front rows and I don't want to pay an additional fee for it?
You are not obliged to pay for a seat. Complete your online check-in without selecting any seat, and you will be assigned one at the airport.

When and how can I request a refund?
If contingency of our responsibility we cannot give you the seat that you bought, LATAM Airlines would begin a process to refund your money in the same way that you paid. If in 10 days we have not contacted you, please call our Contact Center at 600 526 2000.