Below is the contractual document that regulates the sale and purchase of tickets on our website, which is the property of LATAM AIRLINES GROUP, S.A.

The acceptance of this document means that the passenger

  • has read and understands what is contained herein;
  • is a person with sufficient capacity to enter into a contract;
  • assumes all of the obligations contained herein.
  • MINORS: underage users cannot make purchases online.

These Terms and Conditions will be valid for an indefinite period and will be applicable to all sales made on our website.

LATAM AIRLINES GROUP, S.A. reserves the right to unilaterally modify these Terms and Conditions, without affecting any ticket sales made prior to the latest update or modification.

The Online Purchase of tickets will be subject to the provisions of this website’s Privacy Policy. If there is any conflict between this policy and the General Terms and Conditions for the Purchase Procedure, the latter will always prevail, in all cases, over the Privacy Policy.

Identity of the parties

Of the one part, the supplier of services contracted by the user, LATAM AIRLINES GROUP, S.A., hereinafter on our website.

Of the other part, the passenger registered with LATAM Pass, who can make an online purchase using a username and password, whose use and safekeeping of he or she is fully responsible for, and also for the veracity of his or her personal data; or the user who, without having to be registered on the website, can make online purchases, once he or she has accepted these Terms and Conditions of Contract.

Contractual procedure

This contractual procedure complies with Directives 2000/31/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on 8 June relating to certain legal aspects of information society services, in particular electronic commerce, and 98/27/EC of 19 May, on injunctions for the protection of consumer interests.

Sales system

Passengers can check availability, prices and dates for the Company’s flights on our website, and also the language in which they would like to purchase tickets online.

Once the passenger has selected a flight, he or she must complete the information form about the passenger in order to make the online purchase.

Prices and payment methods

Payment method: credit card or using the PAYPAL payment gateway on this site. The payment process is subject to the PayPal terms and conditions of use and privacy policy.
Any payment made to the service provider will entail an invoice issued in the buyer’s name. This invoice will automatically be sent to the e-mail address provided by the user making the purchase.
Prices and fares published on the website: The Company assumes that the fares published on the website are correct, so it will assume the responsibility for any error. LATAM does not guarantee the operational reliability, availability or continuity of its website or the products or services provided for the user, so this responsibility excludes any due to the lack of availability, reliability or continuity of its website or its services, although it will try to facilitate, where possible, technical assistance for the affected party. Likewise, it will try to re-establish the connection immediately and provide, within its possibilities, alternative measures for the user.

Purchase confirmation

Once the user has chosen the products and services, and completed the form, he or she will receive a confirmation e-mail for the booking, and this e-mail will also be proof of the same.

Modifying tickets

Changes to flight or booking information are subject to the regulations for each fare. For more information, please contact our Sales Offices or call the Contact Center.


You can get a refund for your trip if the fare conditions permit it. Trips exchanged for KMS. LATAM Pass from 1 August 2013, and exceptional cases, such as refunds due to illness, death or duplication, must be requested from our Sales Offices or by calling the Contact Center.

Personal data protection, safety and confidentiality

The use and processing of personal data for passengers provided during the purchase process will be subject to the provisions of the clause on data protection in this website’s Privacy Policy.
Privacy Policy

Likewise, the passenger is bound to provide the correct information at all times regarding any details requested during the purchase process.

All online payment transactions will be through a secure payment platform that protects data from third-party attempts at violation.

Likewise, the Company will keep the electronic document that formalises the sale and purchase on an electronic file for the legally required period.

Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

Ticket purchases made through LATAM AIRLINES GROUP, S.A are subject to the legislation in the country for the site where the purchase was made. If any conflict or discrepancy arises in the interpretation or application of these contractual conditions, the Courts and Tribunals that, where applicable, are informed of the matter will decided what legal regulations are applicable regarding competent jurisdiction, which will be, when dealing with consumers, the Court or Tribunal for the place the obligation is fulfilled, or for the place of residence of the purchasing party (passenger).