Our Privacy Policy

By accepting our Privacy Policy, you give us your free, informed, specific and unequivocal consent for us to process all the personal data you enter into our website, as well as the data derived from your browsing and other data that you may provide us with in the future.

Attentively read the Privacy Policy, which was written in a clear and simple way to aid in its understanding, and freely and voluntarily determine if you wish to provide us with your personal data.

Those responsible for processing your data

  • LATAM AIRLINES GROUP S.A., Taxpayer ID (Rol Único Tributario, RUT) 89.862.200-2 and registered address at Avda. Presidente Riesco 5711, piso, Las Condes, Santiago de Chile
  • LATAM Airlines Brasil , Corporate Taxpayer Registration No. (Catastro Nacional de Persona Juridica, CNPJ) 02.012.862/0001-60 and registered address at rúa Verbo Divino nº 2001, andares: 3º conj. 31 e 32, 4º conj. 41 e 42, 5º conj. 51 e 52, 6º conj. 61 e 62, 8º conj. 81 e 82, 10º conj. 101 e 102, 12º conj. 121 e 122, 13º conj. 131 e 132, 15º conj. 151, 16º conj. 161, 17º conj. 171 e 172, Edifício Condomínio Espaço Empresarial Nações Unidas, bairro Chácara Santo Antônio, CEP 04719-002 São Paulo/SP - Brazil
  • LATAM Airlines Colombia, Taxpayer ID (Rol Único Tributario, RUT) 8300191898 and registered address at Calle 100 # 7 - 33 Edificio Capital Tower Piso 17, Bogotá D.C., Colombia
  • LATAM Airlines Argentina Unique Tax Identification Code (Clave Única de Identificación Tributaria, CUIT) 30-70754232-9 and with registered address at Av. Costanera Rafael Obligado 1221, Edificio LATAM, Complejo Costa Salguero (C1425GOB) Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • LATAM Airlines Perú, Taxpayer ID (Rol Único Tributario, RUT) 20100103657 and with registered address at Av. Jose Pardo 513  piso 2 Miraflores Lima18 - Lima.
  • LATAM Airlines Ecuador S.A, Unique Taxpayer Registry (Registro Único de Contribuyentes, RUC) 1791807154001 and address in Province: Pichincha Canton: Quito Parish: Tabela Street: Conector Alpachaca Número: Building without number: Quito Airport Center. Location reference: opposite the Mariscal Sucre airport.

You can contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) by e-mail: grp_soportegdpr@latam.com.

Why do we request mandatory data?

The data we request in the forms are of a general and mandatory nature when necessary (unless the mandatory field specifies otherwise).

Therefore, if you do not provide us with your data or do so incorrectly, we will not be able to provide you with our services. Either way, you will be able to view our website’s content.

What will we use your personal data for?

To carry out all procedures related with your trip and deliver the services you request.

  • To manage your LATAM Pass or LATAM Fidelidade account.
  • To improve our services, to carry out more satisfaction analyses and audits, and to prevent fraud.
  • To service complaints and/or claims, or any other type of suggestion you send through our website.
  • To create profiles and send commercial communications about our products and services (which may be personalized based on your customer profile, according to the General Conditions). You may, at any time, exercise your right to oppose the processing of your personal data for purposes related to marketing.
  • Your personal data and the CV you send us by e-mail or through the section “Work with us,” will be incorporated into a Company File in order to process and manage the selection and recruiting processes.

Said processing will be carried out with full respect of the GDPR and only when strictly necessary for the provision of the service and/or the satisfaction of the legitimate interests of LATAM Airlines, provided that they are not superseded by your other rights and liberties.  

How long do we keep your data?

Your data will be stored for as long as it is needed, unless you have requested to unsubscribe from LATAM Airlines by opposing or revoking your consent.

We will generally store your data for the following time periods:

  • Documentation associated with the contract: 15 years from the termination of the contract for legal relations initiated prior to October 7, 2005 and 5 years from the termination of the contract for legal relations initiated between October 7, 2005 and October 7, 2015, as well as those initiated from October 7, 2015.
  • Accounting and tax documentation: for accounting purposes, 6 years from the accounting fiscal year (notwithstanding the limitation period identified, must indicate that Organic Law 7/2012, of December 27, which amends Organic Law 10/1995, of November 23, of the Criminal Code on Transparency and Combating Tax and Social Security Fraud, recommends said documentation be conserved). For tax purposes: 4 years after the fiscal year ended.
  • Potential customers’ contact information: 1 year after collecting the data.
  • Custom offers that are specifically aimed at contracting certain products and/or any of our services, or those of third parties if you have consented to this. This processed data cannot be more than 1 year old.

What data will we use?

For purchasing flights online

  • Name, Last Name 1, Identity Document information (type, number and country of issue), frequent flyer information (airline and number).
  • E-mail, contact telephone number.
  • Payment details.
  • Special categories of information if special assistance is needed.
  • Others: politically safeguarded passengers.


For ticket changes and Option Upgrade

  • Last Name
  • Reservation code.


For Check-in, seating, adding luggage and LATAM Pass / LATAM Fidelidade benefits

  • Last name of the passenger and/or user ID, member number, identification document number.
  • User ID codes or keys: reservation code and last name of the passenger and/or user ID or member number and password.
  • Data derived from a service transaction (Travel Voucher): Travel Voucher No., country of issue, airport and compensation date.
  • Especially protected data: health for special needs (certification authorized by LATAM Airlines doctors) See required information For special meals, health information and/or religion.



To check your flight information

  • Passenger’s last name(s).
  • Reservation code.


For registration and management of your frequent flyer benefits

  • Name and last name(s) (if you forget your member number), identification document (type, country of issue and number), sex, nationality.
  • Date of Birth.
  • E-mail and passwords, address and contact information
  • Member number.
  • Number of tickets required and–if you forget your member number–the airline, flight number, city of origin and destination, type of fare and cabin.


To get help from the Help Center

  • Name and last name, country of residence, identification document, document number, location, Twitter handle, Facebook username (if applicable).
  • E-mail.
  • Nationality.
  • Health.
  • Flight information (airline, flight number, date and reservation code).
  • Other information: information provided by the interested party in the open fields of the forms available on our website or in the attached documents.


To receive financial information

  • E-mail.


To work with us

  •  Name and last name(s), BP number, user ID, identification document number, date of birth, workplace, e-mail, LinkedIn address, home address.


Web browsing information

Why can we use your data?

Processing your data is based on your consent, which you can withdraw at any time. If you withdraw your consent, this will not affect the legality of the data processing carried out previously.

The consent obtained for the above purposes are independent from each other; therefore, you can revoke only one of them without affecting the others.

To revoke said consent, you can contact us by e-mail: grp_soportegdpr@latam.com   

Conserving data for the indicated times is based on the legal obligation of those responsible for processing your data.

The processing of your data for direct marketing, fraud prevention, transmissions within the business group and data transmission to guarantee network safety will be based on the legitimate interest of the one responsible for processing after the respective deliberation process and keeping in mind the rights and liberties of the Users.

With whom do we share your data?

  • Airports, Government Authorities, Enforcement Agencies and Security Bodies in compliance with the express requirement issued to all airlines in order to control and safeguard public safety.
  •  Travel agents and other companies by which you make flight reservations on LATAM
  •  Credit and debit card companies.

Additionally, the data may be accessible by our providers, with said access being necessary for the adequate execution of the legal obligations and/or the previously stated purposes. Said providers will not use your data for their own purposes that have not been previously informed by us.

The recipients listed in this section may be located within or outside of the European Economic Area, and if so, the international transferring of data is duly legitimized.

What are your responsibilities?

  • You must guarantee that you are older than eighteen (18) years old and that the data you provide is true, exact, complete and up to date. You are responsible for the truthfulness of all the data you provide and for maintaining the information provided up-to-date, in such a way that it reflects your current situation.
  • You guarantee that you have informed the third parties you provided your data to, if applicable, of the aspects contained in this document. In addition, you guarantee that you have obtained authorization to provide us with your data for the above mentioned uses.
  • You will be responsible for any false or inexact information that you provide us with through our website and for any damages, direct or indirect, that you cause to LATAM or third parties.
  • When the use of a user ID and password is needed to access any service contained in our website, it is your obligation to keep it secret and use it diligently. You have full responsibility for the use and custody of your access codes and are responsible for the accuracy of the personal information you supply.

Our website will be exempt from any responsibilities if you use your access codes incorrectly or negligently.

How can you exercise your rights?

You can write to one of the addresses of those Responsible for processing your data, or by e-mail to: pasajeros.europa@latam.com; attach a photocopy of your identity document, at any time and for free, to:

  • Revoke the consent that had been provided.
  • Obtain confirmation as to whether LATAM Airlines is processing personal data corresponding to the user or not.
  • Access your personal data.
  • Correct inaccurate or incomplete data.
  • Request the deletion of your data when, among other reasons, the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.
  • Obtain the limitation of data processing from LATAM Airlines when one of the conditions established in the data protection regulation is met.
  • Request the portability of data provided by you in an active and unconscious way, as well as the data provided for using the service.
  • Contact the LATAM Airlines DPO at the following e-mail address: grp_soportegdpr@latam.com.
  • A claim may be filed regarding the protection of your personal data before the Spanish Data Protection Agency located at Calle de Jorge Juan, 6, 28001 Madrid, when you consider that we have infringed on your rights that are recognized in the applicable data protection regulation.

What security measures will we take with your data?

Your data will be processed in complete confidentiality and in secret at all times, in compliance with that which is pursuant to the applicable regulation. We adopt the technical and organizational techniques needed to guarantee the safety or your data and to avoid their alteration, loss and unauthorized processing or access, taking into account the state of technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks they are exposed to.

Last updated: May 25, 2018