Take what you need with you

We know that on some occasions you need to take more baggage or weight than normal, especially when moving to live in another place or if you are on a shopping trip. You can do this with us by paying an additional fee, which will depend on the available space in the airplane. For this reason, on the day of your trip we advise you to arrive at the airport well in advance.

At present we are still working on standardizing the amount of extra baggage you may take on board and their charges. In the meantime, it will depend upon the route and the airline that is operating your flight.

For flights between Brazil and Chile, Peru, Argentina or Colombia

You can bring however many bags as you need, paying $12 USD per additional kilo when you travel between:

  • Brazil - Chile
  • Brazil - Peru
  • Brazil - Argentina
  • Brazil - Colombia

Keep in mind that the weight permitted in the economy cabin is 23 kilos (50 lb) and in Premium Economy or Business, 69 kilos (152 lb).

For LATAM Airlines Group, LATAM Airlines Chile, LATAM Airlines Argentina, LATAM Airlines Ecuador, LATAM Airlines Peru or LATAM Airlines Colombia

When you travel with one of these operators, the total price varies according to the excess weight, number of additional bags and the baggage allowance permitted on the ticket you purchased.

Find out how many fees correspond to your trip and review the price of each of them:

Domestic flights

For domestic flights within Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, the prices published do include the tax for each country where applicable.

Between South American countries, and the Caribbean

The Caribbean includes routes between South America and Aruba, Havana and Punta Cana.

International flights

Important: North America includes Mexico, the United States and Canada.

For flights departing from, arriving to or connecting in Brazil

Flights before May 18, 2017:

Flights within Brazil

On national flights the amount payable is calculated based on the amount of excess weight. The price per kilo is 0.5% of the base fare of the day (full fare, without discounts). We do not levy fees on the size of the bag, provided it does not exceed 292 linear cm (114 in).

Flights from/to South America and Central America

From Brazil to any of our destinations in South America or Central America, the amount payable is calculated based on the amount of excess weight.

If your flight departs from, arrives to or connects in Brazil and is operated by a subsidiary of LATAM Airlines other than LATAM Airlines Brasil, every excess kilo costs $12 USD.

For flights operated by LATAM Airlines Brasil that depart from, arrive to or connect in Brazil, 1% of the base fare is charged (in full, without a discount). We do not levy fees on the size of the bag, provided it does not exceed 292 linear cm.

To/from Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Oceania

Between Brazil and our destinations in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Oceania we charge our fee based on excess weight, size and number of bags. Check the amount and the price of the excess fee on these routes.

Number of fees

  • If the total of the dimensions is greater than 158 linear cm (62 in) (height + length + width), one excess fee is charged.
  • Luggage that exceeds 300 linear cm (height + length + width) can only be transported by LATAM Cargo

Price per bag

Flights starting May 18, 2017: