The LATAM Airlines Group knows that in order to achieve our aspiration of becoming one of the world's top three best airline companies we must look further, beyond just financial performance; we must also secure customers' preference, improve connectivity across the region and consolidate an internal work culture.

The Company's vision is based on the dynamics of relationships and business, which seek to endure and create shared value for our shareholders, investors, employees, customers, suppliers and for the whole of society; it is within these dynamics that our commitment to the future is built through our day-to-day operations in the present.

In order to accomplish this vision, the LATAM Airlines Group is guided by our Corporate Strategy of Sustainability, which is aligned with the strategic cornerstones of the business: network leadership, leading brand in customer experience, cost competitiveness, operational strength and risk management; and it consists of three dimensions, as outlined below.


  • Governance of Sustainability: the Company adopts a clear and transparent position on its commitments and objectives; the implementation of strategy is supported by the internal structures of decision-making and the performance and monitoring of results.

  • Climate Change: a balance is sought between risk mitigation and the search for new opportunities in the management of actual and potential environmental impacts of the business, with a focus on the reduction of our carbon footprint, use of alternative fuels and eco-efficient activities.

  • Corporate Citizenship: to make the business and LATAM's value-chain relationships ultimately become a catalyst for socioeconomic development and environmental equilibrium across the region by engaging in career development, private social investment, incentives of good practices and a boost to tourism.

Sustainability Report