1. Definitions

1.1 Frequent Flyer Program, LATAM Pass Program, Program or LATAM Pass: is the LATAM Airlines frequent flyer program, through which it is possible to earn kilometers by flying on all routes operated by LATAM Airlines, Associated Airlines, as well as by using the services of other partner companies, all subject to the conditions and requirements detailed below.

1.2 LATAM Pass Program Member or member: is the person who meets the requirements of the Program, who has completed and submitted the registration form through any of the forms in 2.2, whose application has been accepted by LATAM Pass and whose membership has not been revoked or rescinded in accordance with the rules of these regulations. In the case of LATAM Pass Gold, Platinum and Black categories, the member’s name is printed on the card with the corresponding member number, which is also the account number. The Program member will have an account with which he/she will earn LATAM Pass KMS. The account is non-transferable, recognizing only a single title holder, not admitting the possibility of additional members.

1.3 LATAM Pass KMS or simply kilometers: are the LATAM Pass Program’s unit of measurement, and their features are defined in section 6 of these regulations, kilometers are redeemable for airline tickets, or other services that the LATAM Pass program determines, according to the specific terms and conditions set out for this purpose; said terms and conditions form part of these regulations.

1.4 Account Statement: Members can access information from their LATAM Pass account statements by registering and logging onto This statement is the only valid source of information regarding the number of kilometers earned, redeemed, and the kilometers that are about to expire.

1.5 Membership Card or LATAM Pass Card: is the card that certifies the LATAM Pass Program membership’s validity. Said card shall only be issued for Platinum and Black membership categories and is distributed by LATAM Pass directly to the member once he/she acquires the corresponding category, without having to request it. Note that for these purposes, LATAM Pass sends the card to the address that the member or participant has registered in their LATAM Pass account, and it is the member’s obligation to timely update it if it so applies.

1.6 oneworld® Airlines: are the airlines, other than LATAM Airlines, that belong to the oneworld® alliance, whose flights allow kilometers to be earned and/or LATAM Pass Program Awards and Benefits that are part of this alliance to be enjoyed, available at, all subject to the conditions and requirements of these regulations and those set out by said airlines. The kilometers earned with oneworld® Airlines can qualify a member to upgrade LATAM Pass membership category. In any case, the kilometers accumulated with oneworld® Airlines will be rated differently depending on the airline in question.

1.7 Associated Airlines: are airline companies, other than LATAM Airlines or oneworld® Airlines, which hold a bilateral agreement with LATAM Pass, whose flights can earn kilometers and/or through which LATAM Pass Program Awards can be enjoyed, all subject to the conditions and requirements of these regulations and those set out by said airlines. The kilometers earned through Associated Airlines do not qualify members to upgrade their LATAM Pass membership category.

1.8 Partner Companies: are all the companies participating in the LATAM Pass program besides Associated Airlines, whose services allow kilometers to be earned and/or LATAM Pass Program Awards and Benefits to be enjoyed; all of which are subject to the conditions and requirements of these regulations and those that said companies set out.

1.9 Awards: are tickets or other services determined by the LATAM Pass program, which can be obtained by redeeming LATAM Pass KMS, as described at

1.10 Benefits: are all the benefits offered by the LATAM Pass program to members of certain categories that do not require redemption of LATAM Pass KMS to be enjoyed and are acquired by the sole act of belonging to such category.

1.11 Awards Table: is the table compiled by LATAM Airlines indicating the LATAM Pass KMS required to redeem certain Awards and/or Benefits, available at Notwithstanding the foregoing, from time to time LATAM Airlines may issue tables of awards or equivalencies of kilometers for other specific promotions, Awards or Benefits.

1.12 Blackout: period within which you cannot use Awards and/or Benefits redeemed from LATAM Pass KMS with LATAM Airlines, oneworld® Airlines, Associated Airlines and/or Partner Companies. Blackout periods of each entity are variable and will be promptly communicated to members.

1.13 Stop Over: is a stop between the origin and destination, where a passenger can stay for a certain time, then continue the journey to their final destination on the same airline.

1.14 Open Jaw: when the outbound destination is different to that from which the return flight departs (for example, an outbound journey from Santiago to New York, with the return flight leaving from Los Angeles to Santiago). This is only allowed within the same reward zone (for example: SCL/MAD/BCN/PAR/LON/HKG/SYD/SCL).

1.15 Stop: a technical stop between the origin and destination points, at which a passenger must stay (usually on the plane or in the airport) for a short time and then continue on to their final destination.

1.16 Connection: is a stop between the points of origin and destination in order to change the flight on which the journey will then continue to its final destination on the same airline, or an airline that has an existing partnership with LATAM Airlines.

1.17 Segment: a segment is considered to be a direct flight from one city to another, which may or may not include stopovers.

1.18 Upgrade:The promotion of a passenger to a higher cabin class, without having acquired a ticket corresponding to that class.

1.19 Marketed Flight: is a flight whose sale and marketing is carried out directly or indirectly by LATAM Airlines, whether or not it is operated by another airline.

1.20 Operated Flight: is a flight on an aircraft operated by LATAM Airlines, yet nonetheless sold or marketed, directly or indirectly by LATAM Airlines, or another airline.

1.21 LATAM Pass Service Fee: Fee for service, charged for services rendered by the Contact Center, sales offices or travel agencies for each award issued. If the Award is redeemed through our website, no LATAM Pass service fee applies. The LATAM Pass Service Fee is additional to departure tax and applicable taxes and will vary depending on the type of Award redeemed and country of issuance, as detailed in the LATAM Pass fees section on our website.

1.22 Password: Refers to a personal identification number between 6 and 8 digits, which LATAM Pass issues to members, or which is created by the member and approved by LATAM Pass, as applicable. It shall be the exclusive responsibility of each member to safeguard the privacy and security of his/her password at all times. The password may be created by potential LATAM Pass members when they register on our website, or they will receive a password in the welcome to the program email, which should be replaced by a personally created password.

Note: For better security of your Password privacy, never leave a written record of it, and avoid obvious or common numbers or dates, such as your birthday, the first 4 digits of your ID card, telephone number, etc. 

1.23 Retroactive Accumulation: Earning of LATAM Pass KMS already flown on LATAM Airlines or on another associated airline, which are not reflected in the account statement.



2. Entry Conditions

2.1 Only individuals older than 2 years, regardless of their nationality or place of residence may become LATAM Pass Program members, provided that they (i) comply with all program requirements, (ii) complete, sign, and submit the corresponding registration form, accepting all and each of the terms of these regulations, and (iii) have been expressly accepted into the LATAM Pass program and their membership has not been canceled or rescinded in accordance with the rules of these regulations. In the event that the applicant is a minor, he/she shall act, represented by his/her legal representative.

2.2 The application for entry to the LATAM Pass Program will be made through the appropriate registration channel, which may be available in sales offices, through Partner Companies, or throug Contact Center telephone registration or the registration form on our website.

2.2.1 Personal data provided by clients when registering will be treated in conformance with Spanish Act 15/1999 relating to Personal Data Protection and the other regulatory provisions on the topic which form part of the "Internet Users" file belonging to LATAM Airlines Group S.A. relating to the sending of commercial communications for providing, promoting and purchasing products and direct marketing campaigns. This information may be passed onto LATAM Airlines Group companies for the same purpose. When you complete the registration form, the authorised person must give their consent, so that LATAM may store information and use it for the purposes and assignments described above. Rights of access, rectification, cancelation and objection to the information may be exercised by writing to LATAM Airlines Group S.A., Capitán Haya 1, Piso 7º, 28020, Madrid, Spain. To unsubscribe from these communications, send an email to

2.3 Once the application for registration is received, LATAM Pass shall inform the applicant whether he/she has been accepted as a member by sending a welcome email to the e-mail indicated by the member. If the said confirmation of acceptance is not received, applicants must call the LATAM Pass Program phone number, to learn the results of their application.

2.4 Said welcome e-mail will provide basic information about the program and confirm the membership number of the newly registered LATAM Pass member.

2.5 The LATAM Pass kilometers earned by a registration applicant before he/she is expressly accepted as a member, may not be redeemed for awards unless the person is expressly accepted as a member.

2.6 The data provided in the registration application, as well as its updates, are the sole responsibility of the member. Members shall be held liable for any damage that may result from a lack of truthfulness or accuracy of the information given by them to LATAM Pass.

2.7 The physical mailing address specified by the member cannot be a PO Box or other address that is not covered by regular postal services. LATAM Pass shall not be responsible for failure to deliver mail to any such addresses.

2.8 All LATAM Pass cards are strictly personal and not transferable. Inappropriate, improper use or use in disagreement with the terms and conditions set forth herein of any LATAM Pass card may result in the elimination of the LATAM Pass program, with the corresponding voiding of all earned LATAM Pass KMS, notwithstanding legal actions as appropriate.

2.9 The applicant and/or member acknowledge and agree to be solely responsible for any amount of money, whether in the form of taxes, duties or any other, to be paid to any public or private person or entity as a result of the earning or use of LATAM Pass kilometers or consequence of his/her admission to the LATAM Pass program, or use of any Award or Benefit thereof.

2.10 Any change in the information provided must be requested by phone, through the Contact Center once the identity of the member is validated, or our website. No changes requested by other means shall be accepted.

2.11 Only one account per member is allowed. If there are two or more accounts, the most recent will be voided. All LATAM Pass kilometers earned in the voided accounts will be transferred to the original account, provided that the kilometers had not been accumulated in both accounts.

2.12 LATAM Pass will allow the transfer of LATAM Pass kilometers between LATAM Pass program accounts, applying a transfer management service charge that must be paid in cash. It is strictly forbidden to sell LATAM Pass kilometers or awards associated thereto by any means or channel, including the Internet. The conditions governing the transfer of kilometers in LATAM Pass customer accounts are in number 7 of these regulations.

2.13 For purposes of requesting an award, LATAM Pass KMS from different LATAM Pass Program accounts may not be added. That is, if when applying for an Award or Benefit, the member does not have enough kilometers, he/she cannot use kilometers from other accounts, except as provided below. For this case, he/she may
(i) purchase the difference in kilometers through our website, with a maximum purchase of 200,000 kilometers in a calendar year;
(ii) receive LATAM Pass kilometers in his/her account transferred from another account, in accordance with these regulations and its annexes;
(iii) exchange points from associate company programs.

2.14 By the act of completing the registration form, the member expressly agrees to receive program information and other communications by e-mail, cell phone, or to their address that LATAM Airlines shall periodically send, whether or not they are related to the LATAM Pass Program.

2.15 The form and frequency that the LATAM Pass program shall send information, Awards or Benefits information, and other communications is sent shall be freely determined by LATAM Airlines, and may for such purpose, use physical means (such as public or private mail) or electronic (such as e-mail accounts, text messages to cell phones, or other means.)

2.16 In addition to that set out in the previous paragraph, by completing the application form, applicants to the program or members agree that LATAM Airlines can freely dispose of the information included in that form, either for the benefit of the Program, LATAM Airlines, or third parties that have business agreements associated with LATAM Pass, notwithstanding the provisions of applicable privacy protection laws. It is an essential condition for participation in the LATAM Pass program that the earning of kilometers shall be carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions of this program and full compliance with applicable norms.

2.17 The Membership Card and Password are valid for personal and exclusive use of the membership holder, and may not be transferred or given to another person in any capacity. In case of loss, misplacement, theft, robbery or unauthorized use of the Membership Card, or the password, it is the responsibility of the membership holder to immediately notify LATAM Pass. The member is solely responsible for all use of his/her Membership Card or Password until LATAM Pass is notified of the loss, misplacement, theft, robbery or unauthorized use thereof.


3. Cancellation of Member´s Participation in the Program

3.1 The participation of a member in the LATAM Pass program, shall be terminated immediately or until LATAM Pass deems necessary in the following cases:

3.1.1 If the member fails to fulfill any of the terms and conditions referred to herein or if the use of the LATAM Pass Program or the earning of kilometers is made in violation of applicable law or regulations.

3.1.2 If the member knowingly supplies any incorrect or misleading information (including information on flights,) either in the application for registration or when applying for corresponding Awards and/or Benefits.

3.1.3 If the member does not comply with the terms of passenger transportation contracts (which apply to all passengers.)

3.1.4 If the member makes inadequate or improper use of Kilometers, Awards, and/or benefits issued.

3.1.5 If the member has a bad debt of which LATAM Airlines or any of its subsidiaries or related companies is a creditor, or if there is evidence or presumptions of the member’s participation in crimes committed against such companies such as use of fraudulent checks or other crimes.

3.1.6 Upon the express request in writing of the member, who may do so at any time, and in the case of Elite members, by enclosing their membership card cut in half.

3.1.7 Upon the death of the member.

3.1.8 In all cases where, in the opinion of LATAM Airlines, the customer has committed an unlawful act or an irregularity contrary to the nature of the LATAM Pass regulations.

3.2 In case of termination of participation in the LATAM Pass Program or the termination thereof, for whatever reason, all earned kilometers will be voided and may not be used under any circumstances, nor can they be exchanged for tickets and/or money.


4. Membership Card or LATAM Pass Card

4.1 The duration of LATAM Pass Gold, LATAM Pass Platinum, LATAM Pass Black and LATAM Pass Black Signature membership cards is set out in accordance with the details of the Program at, and may be modified according to the provisions of paragraph 5. For all purposes of these regulations, a "calendar year" runs from 1 January to 31 December each year.

4.2 The LATAM Pass Gold, LATAM Pass Platinum and LATAM Pass Black membership cards are not transferable and only provide benefits to their holders unless otherwise stated in the specific terms and conditions of any Benefit and/or Award.

4.3 The membership card is not a credit card or a proving identity document, so it does not confer any rights other than those specified in these regulations.

4.4 All membership cards are the exclusive property of LATAM Pass.

4.5 The member must report the loss or theft of his/her membership card immediately to the nearest sales office in person or by telephone. Once the case information is analyzed by LATAM Pass, a new card may be issued within 30 days from the date the loss was reported to the address that is registered in the program.


5. Membership Category

5.1 The LATAM Pass Program has four membership categories: (a) LATAM Pass Gold, (b) LATAM Pass Platinum, (c) LATAM Pass Black and (d) LATAM Pass Black Signature. Only the last three categories, considered Elite categories, have corresponding membership cards.

5.2 The different membership categories are determined by the fulfillment of the established membership requirements for each category, as described at here, as well as the terms and conditions of certain agreements with Partner companies. For more information, review other conditions on the website

5.3 LATAM Pass KMS earned from Partner Companies and/or Associated Airlines will not be counted to determine a membership category (except as expressly provided otherwise.) Nor will segments flown in executive class obtained through upgrade coupons be considered to qualify for Elite categories, whether they are for the use of benefits, for the purchase thereof with LATAM Pass kilometers or by other means not specified in this paragraph.

5.4 Nor will segments flown using an Award or any other ticket that does not qualify to earn LATAM Pass KMS determine a membership category. These include, but are not limited to, the following: all tickets issued as LATAM Pass rewards or other free ticket promotions, including reduced-fare or free tickets, companion tickets, charter tickets, discount tickets for agents or employees of the travel industry, infant tickets, tickets purchased for items that occupy a seat, unpublished fare tickets, including consolidation fees, and tickets issued subject to special provisions.

5.5 Once all and every one of the conditions required to qualify for a higher membership category are met, that member will be incorporated into that category and will remain there for the remainder of the calendar year in which required conditions were met and during the calendar year immediately following.

5.6 If a member does not meet the requirements to renew its category, it will belong to the category immediately preceding the one to which he/she belongs for the next year, even if he/she does not meet the requirements to qualify for said category.

5.7 The renewals will take place on the 31st of March every year, considering the requirements met by the member during the previous calendar year.

5.8 LATAM Pass may, at its discretion, maintain or upgrade the category of a member, even if he/she has not fulfilled all the requirements for such category but cannot demote the member’s category, as long as the member meets the requirements to stay therein.

5.9 The changes in the membership category will not affect the balance of kilometers redeemable for Awards and vice versa.

5.10 Upgrade coupons and Benefits issued for meeting conditions in Partner companies cannot be combined with Upgrade coupons and Benefits granted to Elite category members, unless expressly stated otherwise.



6. Kilometers

6.1 The unit of measurement of the LATAM Pass Program is kilometers.

6.2 The kilometers have the following characteristics and are subject to the following terms:

6.2.1 They have no commercial value, are not negotiable or redeemable for cash.

6.2.2 They are transferable in accordance with the provisions in Section 7 of these Regulations.

6.2.3 They are not transmissible, so that in the event of a member’s death, the member’s account and the earned kilometers will be voided.

6.2.4 They may not be seized, since they are rights whose exercise is entirely personal, unless the law or court order provides otherwise.

6.2.5 They may not be the object of legal or judicial dispute, and only belong to the membership account holder, as a personal right.

6.2.6 Awards are not endorsable, so they cannot be used in any companies other than LATAM Airlines, oneworld® Airlines, or Associated Airlines, nor by persons other than those designated by the member, according to the Award redeemed. If a ticket award is issued, it can only be used in the airline therein indicated.


7. Transfer of Kilometers

7.1 The terms regarding charges, conditions, operation, and responsibilities applicable to the transfer of LATAM Pass KMS shall be solely defined in the terms and conditions that will be communicated to members when they access the online platform to transfer kilometers, and said terms must be read and accepted by members prior to the transaction.

7.2 Notwithstanding the foregoing, and except where expressly excluded, any transfer of LATAM Pass KMS shall carry a transfer management service charge, which will be charged to the respective member, according to the terms and conditions specified on the platform. These costs are not refundable.

7.3 The transferred kilometers can only be transferred and received between LATAM Pass accounts that have been established for at least 10 days. Each member is limited to transfer a maximum number of kilometers from their account and no recipient may receive any more kilometers transferred from another LATAM Pass program account or from a combination of accounts in a calendar year, according to the limits set out on our website. All LATAM Pass kilometers above this limit will not be transferred from the member's account or credited to the account of any receiver.

7.4 Any inappropriate use of kilometers or the kilometer transfer platform, according to these regulations and the terms and conditions posted on the transfer platform, or any misuse of kilometers shall be grounds for immediate confiscation and forfeiture of such kilometers, and may result in the total loss of kilometers in the member's account and their removal from the LATAM Pass program, notwithstanding other actions and rights pursuant to law and these regulations.

7.5 The minimum kilometer transfer is 1.000 kilometers. The transferred kilometers can be used for any LATAM Pass Awards or Benefits, according to general rules. However, said kilometers will not be counted for purposes of determining the membership category to which the respective member belongs, nor will it imply any activity in the account of the transferor or the person receiving the kilometers, regarding effects of the expiration of kilometers.

7.6 All transferred kilometers last between 3 years and 2 years and 1 day. This will depend exclusively on the time when the transference is made. The year that the transfer occurs counts as the first year; for example, if the kilometers are transferred between January and December of 2015, they will expire on December 31st of the year 2017.

7.7 It is forbidden to receive or give, directly or indirectly, any object, value, interest or any compensation in exchange for the transfer of kilometers. Likewise, if the kilometers are resold, distributed, transferred for any reason (in the form of payment or otherwise), or used for improper purposes determined at the sole and absolute discretion of LATAM Pass, or if any transfer of kilometers is carried out by abuse or fraudulent use of credit card, or any other illegal means, LATAM Pass may, at will, cancel, void, refuse to validate and/or reverse the kilometers transferred and exercise all rights and remedies available. You agree that LATAM Pass can debit your account or the account to which you transferred the kilometers in connection with the foregoing. You agree to cooperate fully with all reasonable requests from LATAM Pass related to any investigation or prosecution of any person involved in or suspected of being involved in abuse or fraud in connection with the transfer of kilometers by means of this document.

7.8 All fees paid by the Member for the transfer of kilometers under these regulations, and the terms and conditions communicated when he/she registered on the online kilometer transfer platform, will include all taxes and charges that are applicable.

7.9 The transfer of kilometers may cause tax implications for both for the transferor of kilometers and the member who receives them in his/her account, so members are advised to consult their tax advisors prior to any transfer of kilometers. LATAM Airlines will not be liable for any contingency or tax burden that may be generated by the members regarding the transfer of kilometers.

7.10 If LATAM Airlines detects any fraud, overdue payment of transfer fees, exceeded limits of transferred kilometers, or any other breach of these regulations, or of the terms and conditions set out by the online kilometer transfer platform, LATAM Airlines may immediately withdraw and reverse any transfer of kilometers, notwithstanding any other actions and rights pursuant to law and these regulations.

7.11 Notwithstanding the foregoing, all kilometer transfer transactions are final. Once a transaction is completed, the members may not reverse it or leave it null and void, or annul the payment of the transfer fee.


8. Earning Kilometers

8.1 Kilometers shall be credited when a member travels on LATAM Airlines or oneworld® Airlines or Associated Airlines, provided that such flights are thereby operated, or he/she makes use of the services enabled by any of the Partner Companies. If the member belongs to the LATAM Pass Program, as well as a Frequent Flyer Program of a oneworld® Airline or an Associated Airline or an Associated Company, the kilometers may only be credited to one account, at the discretion of member. Under no circumstances may the kilometers be credited to more than one account. The member must communicate their membership number, which should appear on the boarding pass.

8.2 For purposes of earning kilometers, any flight operated by any airline in the framework of a Code Share agreement with LATAM Airlines will be considered a valid flight for earning kilometers and for qualification for the Gold, Platinum, Black and Black Signature categories, provided that the ticket for the flight is sold by LATAM Airlines using its own flight code, and provided that the flight is taken on fares, routes, and dates that permit LATAM Pass kilometers to be earned.

Flights with LATAM Airlines accept superior cabin bonuses to quality you for Elite categories. However, oneworld airline flights will not take this bonus into account to move up or maintain your member category.

The kilometers you've earned for category bonuses do not apply for qualification purposes.

8.3 Regarding restrictions imposed by oneworld® Airlines and Associated Airlines, the means and number of kilometers earned on flights may not necessarily coincide with those established by LATAM Airlines for their flights and will depend on the restrictions on the fare class paid or the conditions specified for oneworld® Airlines or Associated Airlines and there may be fare classes or flights that allow only a percentage of the distance flown or other restrictions. The member shall be responsible to find out how many kilometers are required for flights he/she may take with oneworld® Airlines or Associated Airlines; such information is available on our website.

8.4 You cannot earn kms. on flights commercialized by other airlines operated by LATAM Airlines who do not have a Frequent Flyer agreement with LATAM Airlines. You also cannot earn kms. on flights commercialized by oneworld® airlines and operated by other companies that do not form part of the oneworld® alliance. You also cannot earn kms. on flights commercialized by airlines associated and operated by other companies who do not have a Frequent Flyer agreement with LATAM Airlines.

8.5 You can only accumulate flight kilometers by registering beforehand, on condition that the flights are commercialized by LATAM Airlines, and no more than 60 days before the date of registration.

8.6 The kilometers will be credited to the member's account only after the trip is made and the respective ticket is paid. Therefore, tickets purchased but not flown or paid do not earn kilometers. Because of this, the member must keep and turn in, upon request, documents certifying the flight was made (ticket and boarding pass.)

8.7 The kilometers generated by services provided by oneworld® Airlines or Associated Airlines shall be credited to the member's account only after the corresponding oneworld® Airline or Associated Airline or Associated Company submits the required information to LATAM Airlines for said credit.

8.8 Members have up to 365 days from the date that the flight was taken to apply for retroactive accreditation if this flight has not been accredited in their account, with the exception of Malaysia Airlines and Iberia, which provide up to 180 days. The application must be made through our website. If your trip includes a flight commercialized by Iberia or Aeromexico, you will be asked to provide the boarding pass to claim for the pending air miles.

8.9 LATAM Pass KMS whose accumulation is requested retrospectively by a member will be registered and appear in the member’s statement on the date on which they were effectively flown, assuming they can be accumulated. However, for Elite category qualifying purposes, any kilometers accumulated retrospectively will only be considered for the calendar year of the date on which the member requested this accreditation.

8.10 For Partner Companies, members have up to 180 days from the date on which the service was provided by the company to apply for retroactive accreditation if this activity has not been accredited in their account. In any case, the retroactive accumulation will only apply to registered customers, and will not apply to those who were not LATAM Pass members on the flight date or date of purchase. For some Partner Companies applications for the retroactive accreditation of Airmiles will only be processed if the member submits certain documents proving that the service was provided. Companies requiring documents and documents (repeated text) for accreditation are listed on our website. For some of our partnerships, such as Banco Santander and Movistar, accreditation must be requested directly with each company. Read the full details of the companies linked to this scheme and their contact information.

8.11 The kilometers earned for flights on LATAM Airlines or oneworld® or Associated Airlines equal the distance between the points of origin and destination of the flight; such distances are provided by IATA. Notwithstanding the foregoing, and as temporary or permanent measure, LATAM Pass may add bonus kilometers to the distance between the point of origin and destination.

8.12 The kilometers earned with Partner Companies correspond to what said companies communicate to LATAM Pass; the responsibility for the calculation of the quantity credited shall not fall on LATAM Pass.

8.13 The kilometers earned by flying on LATAM Airlines have a validity of 36 consecutive months, starting from the date of the flight. In all cases, the kilometers shall effectively expire on the last day of the month of said expiration.

8.14 The kilometers earned by flying oneworld® Airlines or Associated Airlines, or Partner Companies, using any services of the Partner Companies or promotional bonuses, are valid for 3 calendar years, which means that they shall expire on the 31st of December of the third year in which they were earned.

8.15 However, each time the passenger flies on LATAM Airlines, and earns 1 or more kilometers on the flight, all existing earned kilometers in his/her account up to the date of said flight will automatically be renewed, going on to have a period of 36 consecutive months, from the date of said flight and will effectively expire on the last day of the thirty-sixth month.

8.16 It is not the responsibility of LATAM Pass to communicate the expiration date of kilometers, according to the rules of kilometer expiration herein set out.

8.17 LATAM Pass program Awards used to fly on LATAM Airlines or any of the oneworld® Airlines or Associated Airlines, as well as awards for services from the partner companies, do not earn kilometers, and do not count for promotion to any Elite member category.

8.18 Nor shall kilometers be credited for any ticket issued as a LATAM Pass award, nor other free ticket such as promotions or reduced-price or free tickets or free companion tickets, charter tickets, discount tickets for travel agents or industry employees, infant tickets, tickets purchased for items that occupy a seat, unpublished fare tickets, including consolidation rates, or tickets issued subject to special provisions.

8.19 Tickets that allow earning endorsed to other companies by LATAM Airlines shall earn the equivalent amount of kilometers as if they had been flown on LATAM Airlines only in the case of an involuntary event, i.e., not attributable to the passenger's responsibility. Tickets allowing earning endorsed by oneworld® Airlines or associated with third parties who do not have a Frequent Flyer agreement with LATAM Pass, do not credit kilometers.

8.20 In case of a Class Upgrade obtained as an Award or for free on a LATAM Airlines light or on any of the oneworld® Airlines or Associated Airlines, only kilometers corresponding to the class paid for by the member shall be credited to the member’s account, and not those corresponding to the class to which he/she was promoted, and will not be considered for purposes of upgrading to one of the Elite membership categories.

8.21 It shall be the sole responsibility of the member to verify that the kilometers corresponding to their flights on LATAM Airlines and/or oneworld® airlines and associated airlines as well as to services from partner companies are properly credited to their account. For flights with Iberia and Aeromexico, the member must keep their fight documents (boarding pass, passenger receipt of the flight ticket) to be able to earn outstanding kms., since these will be required when submitting any request. Under no circumstances may kms. be earned more than one (1) year after the flight or event they apply to, unless permitted by partner companies for kilometers issued by said companies.

8.22 LATAM Pass reserves the right to investigate a member's account at any time and without notice, in order to ensure compliance with these terms and conditions. LATAM Pass may deduct any kilometers wrongly credited to a member and likewise, withhold the Awards or certificates pending resolution of any dispute, duly informing the member of such.

8.23 In the event that flights and/or services that enable LATAM Pass to earn kilometers are bought on credit, or their payment is deferred over time, the member can redeem an Award using the kilometers, whether with those earned with said ticket purchased or any other, only to the extent that the respective tickets are being paid in the manner and time agreed upon when the flight and / or service was purchased.

8.24 It will be the sole responsibility of the member to comply with laws and regulations that may be applicable for purposes of participating in the LATAM Pass program and earning kilometers, especially for members who have the status of public officials.

8.25 Accumulation of AIR MILES is personal and non-transferrable. Only flights that the account holder has taken will be accredited, excluding trips taken by third-parties.

8.26 For your LATAM flights, the accreditation time for kilometers is 7 days after the trip is made.  



9. Redeeming LATAM Pass Awards

9.1 To apply for an Award, the member must have a valid membership number and the number of kilometers needed to redeem the Award requested. The number of kilometers required to receive an Award is set out in the Award Table in effect on the date of application, or one calculated according to the equivalent value, published for the redemption of an Award and/or specific Benefit.

9.2 The kilometers needed to claim an Award and/or Benefit vary depending on the award and/or benefit desired. Regarding airfare Awards, the Economy cabin has 3 levels of awards: Classic, Plus, and Full (ordered from lowest to highest number of kilometers required to earn said Awards.) Premium Business and Premium Economy cabins have 2 award levels. For oneworld® and Associated Airlines, there is only one level of award available in all cabins.

9.3 Upgrades may only be requested with kilometers for Business Premium and Premium Economy cabins. Valid for flights operated and marketed by LATAM Airlines.

9.4 For each type of Award, there is limited availability of seats.

9.5 To apply for an Award and/or Benefit, the Member must do so in accordance with the terms and channels applicable to such specific Award and/or Benefit, which may require calling the Contact Center (choosing LATAM Pass), entering on our website, going to sales offices or travel agencies, accessing the website, or contacting the offices of a third party. In all cases, a document proving the identity of the member must be shown. On our website, members must register by entering a username and password.

9.6 To redeem awards through the Contact Center (choosing LATAM Pass) or sales offices or travel agencies, the Member must pay the LATAM Pass Service Fee for each ticket issued. If the Award is redeemed on our website, no LATAM Pass Service Fee is applied. The LATAM Pass Service Fee is in addition to departure taxes and applicable taxes and will vary depending on the type of awards redeemed and the country of issuance, as detailed in the LATAM Pass fees section set out on our website.

9.7 If some of the routes offered by LATAM Airlines, oneworld Airlines, or Associated Airlines are unavailable for Awards to be redeemed through our website, the LATAM Pass Service Fee shall not apply if the exchange is made through the Contact Center or a sales office.

9.8 The application for an award may be made by someone other than the respective member by presenting an authorization signed by the member that contains the following information: member’s full name, account number and/or Chilean Tax ID number (R.U.T.), and description of which Award is being requested. In addition, a simple photocopy of a document proving the identity of the Member (identity card, passport or equivalent) must also be attached. These records must be submitted in accordance with the terms and channels applicable to such specific Award and/or Benefit.

9.9 To redeem awards for children or infants, there are no special discounts, so the award will have a single value regardless of the age of the member or beneficiary of the award that is redeemed.

9.10 The Awards are valid for one year (12 months), from the date of issuance, after which they immediately expire.

9.11 Air ticket Awards shall be issued in the form of return tickets. No awards are redeemable for one way tickets. Members shall not be allowed to board the return leg of the flight if he/she has not flown on the outbound leg of the flight. If the Member uses the Award only on the outbound leg, he/she will not be refunded the balance of kilometers for the unused return leg.

9.12 Awards with flights operated by LATAM Airlines and one or more oneworld® Airlines or awards that have flights operated by one or more oneworld® Airlines may be issued without any restrictions. However, for Associated Airlines, only LATAM Airlines flights may be combined with one of such Associated Airlines.

9.13 Upgrades can be redeemed for one way tickets (only for the outbound leg or return leg) or for return flights.

9.14 It is the responsibility of the Member to check the amount of LATAM Pass kilometers required to redeem a particular award on flights with LATAM Airlines, oneworld® Airlines and Associated Airlines since the quantities of LATAM Pass KMS required for the same route may vary.

9.15 The awards issued are nominative and cannot be transferred to third parties except according to point 8 of these regulations.

9.16 LATAM Pass reserves the right to withhold Awards in the event of any irregularity in their application or use. Any violation of these terms and conditions may result in refusal to issue a LATAM Pass Award and/or the termination of the Member's participation in the LATAM Pass Program, immediately voiding all the kilometers in the account.

9.17 Open Jaw rewards: Open Jaw rewards are only allowed within the same zone*. For Open Jaw rewards involving different zones, two rewards will be charged. For example:

     - For the Santiago de Chile (SCL) - Cancun (CUN) / Miami (MIA) - Santiago de Chile (SCL) route, both SCLCUNSCL and MIASCLMIA will be charged.
     - For the Santiago de Chile (SCL) - Punta Cana (PUJ) / Miami (MIA) - Santiago de Chile (SCL), route, both SCLPUJSCL and MIASCLMIA will be charged.
     - For the Santiago de Chile (SCL) - Madrid (MAD) / Auckland (AKL) - Santiago de Chile (SCL), route, both SCLMADSCL and AKLSCLAKL will be charged.


*Zone Awards:



Excludes Cancun.
Caribbean includes the cities of Cancún, Punta Cana, Havana and Aruba.


10. Changes or Refunds of LATAM Pass Awards

10.1 The Member may request changes to an Award consisting of an airline ticket up to the day of the trip in offices and the call center, and until 48 hours before flight departure via our website.

10.2 Exchanging LATAM Pass Prizes may only be performed through the Sales Offices and Contact Center, by paying the applicable fee.

10.3 In general, for any kind of LATAM Pass Awards, when exchanging a Award for one that requires fewer kilometers, the difference in kilometers that is not used for the new Award shall not be returned to the Member, unless a new Award exchange is requested, requiring an amount equal to or less than the kilometers used in the original award, in which case, said balance of kilometers may be used on the second new Award. For subsequent changes of dates, the initial number of kilometers and their original expiration date shall be kept.

10.4 To exchange Awards in the form of tickets that require a greater number of LATAM Pass kilometers, the difference in kilometers must be deducted from the same account wherefrom the original award was deducted and must be only for awards with flights operated and marketed by LATAM Airlines with valid tickets. For changes of origin or destination, the ticket must be unused and for changes that keep the origin and destination, the ticket may have been partially used. The customer must pay the difference in rates if they are incurred in making the change.

10.5 Voluntary changes must be made in the same cabin as originally issued, except if the original cabin does not exist on the new flight. In this case, the award may be issued in a lower cabin; the Member must renounce the difference of unused kilometers.

10.6 The date or flight for a premium ticket may be changed if so permitted by the terms of the redemption. Route changes are not allowed if any of the coupons of your ticket have been used. Both changes involve a charge for this item. The charge varies according to the country where the ticket was issued, as well as the route. Charges for changes are published on our website. Premium tickets issued for flights on oneworld® Airlines or Associated Airlines are subject to the same conditions specified above.

10.7 If the return of an issued award is requested, you must pay a fee, which will vary depending on the award and according to the information published on our website. For a reward refund to be given, the ticket must be valid (its validity begins from the date the ticket is issued), the refund must be requested before the flight's departure and with no legs having been flown (except for oneworld® upgrades) and the kilometers that were used for it must not have expired at the time the refund is requested. Refunds can be requested by filling in our form or calling our Contact Center (LATAM Pass option) or at sales offices. Once the refund has been processed, the kilometers that have not expired will be credited again to the member's LATAM Pass kilometer account.

10.8 If the member requests a refund of a non-air Reward, he/she will not have to pay a charge in kilometers, unless otherwise set out in the terms and conditions of the exchange.

10.9 The Awards are nominative, have no cash value and are nontransferable. If for any reason or cause an Award is not wholly or partly-used in the time and form issued, said Award will lose all value.

10.10 Notwithstanding the provisions of this chapter of the regulations, all exchanges and returns of awards and/or benefits must be subject to the specific terms and conditions established for each award, benefit, promotion or program.

10.11 In cases where the return of a LATAM Pass award proceeds, LATAM Airlines shall return departure taxes or applicable taxes that have been charged for the issuing of the award ticket within 15 working days.


11. Restrictions on the Use of Awards

11.1 Awards consisting of airline tickets are subject to space availability, which will be confirmed at the time of issuance, and in any case, shall be issued with the restrictions applicable to said fee and published on our website.

11.2 The Awards allow one (1) Stopover (voluntary stop of the passenger on one of the Stops included in the outbound section or return of the trip) or one (1) OpenJaw (destination city other than the origin of the return flight,) on both domestic and international routes. Some oneworld® Airlines or Associated Airlines do not allow Stopovers and OpenJaw flights. For more information, visit the oneworld® Airlines and Associated Airlines section on

11.3 The issuance of open Awards, e.g. without date of departure or arrival, is not allowed.

11.4 In no case may Awards consisting of airline tickets be used with other airline companies other than those specified in the Award. In the case the flight designated in the Award is cancelled due to an event not attributable to LATAM Airlines, for security reasons, or due to accident or force majeure, LATAM Airlines will make their best effort to board the passenger on the next flight or a combination of flights to allow their arrival at the destination of the Award. In no event will they board the Member on another airline for these or other reasons.

11.5 In the case of Awards consisting of airline tickets for flights that include connections with a change of aircraft, the cost of staying in the connection location and any other costs associated therewith will be the sole responsibility of the passenger.

11.6 The Awards may not be combined with other promotions, coupons, discounts or special offers and are not valid in areas where prohibited by law and are subject to the specific restrictions of the industry.

11.7 Awards issued correspond exclusively to the net value of the fare; the responsibility and cost of any taxes, levies, duties and/or rights that its issuance may incur shall fall on the passenger, including but not limited to departure tax.

11.8 It will be the sole responsibility of the Member to keep adequately informed about any restrictions on the application and use of the Awards on the date of their use.

11.9 If the award includes flights operated by oneworld® Airlines or Associated Airlines, it is the responsibility of the Member to remain informed of the Transportation Conditions of the airline operating the flight. This information is available on our website.


12. Cabin Upgrade

12.1 Upgrade coupons are valid until the date specified thereon, and grant the passenger an Upgrade to the next higher class on a flight operated and sold by LATAM Airlines on the outward or return leg, subject to compliance with the minimum fare families for such route, the number of coupons required per route and the availability of seats at the time of boarding.

12.2 The minimum fare families required for paid tickets are available on our website.

12.3 The Upgrade coupon is void in the case of any alteration, reproduction or misuse. It holds no monetary value, is void if used for any type of exchange and will not be replaced in case of theft or loss.

12.4 All Upgrade coupons are exclusively for the member and/or his/her companion. The travel companion may use the Upgrade Coupon as long as he/she travels with the member (not necessarily in the same cabin class.)

12.5 It shall be the responsibility of the passenger to pay any taxes required for the use of his/her Upgrade Certificate.

12.6 For a purchased fare (not Premium), the kilometers for the ticket to which the member applies an upgrade must be accredited in LATAM Pass and not another frequent flyer program.

12.7 The priority of upgrade requests will depend on how far ahead of time the member checks in, on the Elite category they belong to and the seat availability of the flight. LATAM reserves the right to grant a Cabin Upgrade according to the aforementioned conditions and to give priority to other passengers that are not program members due to security or other reasons.

13. Generalities

13.1 LATAM Pass Program participation is subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, and may be periodically changed at the sole discretion of LATAM Pass. Any changes to terms and conditions shall be under obligatory observation of the member until 30 calendar days from the date of the issuance of the new text of the regulations on our website. This includes the right to change the Awards Table, the kilometer earning system, the system of award concession and the participation of other airlines or companies in the Program.

13.2 LATAM Pass reserves the right to terminate or suspend the LATAM Pass program, or modify any part thereof; including all kinds of awards and/or benefits, and exchange or kilometer transfer mechanisms, at any time, in which case they shall send notice to members 30 calendar days in advance.

13.3 In the event that LATAM Pass terminates or suspends the LATAM Pass program, members may use their earned kilometers during the referred to period of 120 days, in accordance with these regulations. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the reason for the end of the program is due to the discontinuation of LATAM Airlines SA’s operations as an airline, or a bankruptcy declaration or entering into agreement, LATAM Pass may immediately terminate or suspend the LATAM Pass program, and cancel and render worthless all the kilometers, Awards and Benefits, without notice to members.

13.4 LATAM Pass shall not be liable under any circumstances for loss or damage that may result from the carrying out of the LATAM Pass program or changes or modifications thereto.

13.5 All awards are subject to change and availability. It shall be the exclusive responsibility of the member to request the corresponding valid reservation and comply with all other steps necessary for the enjoyment thereof.

13.6 Some of the Awards, Benefits, mechanisms for earning LATAM Pass kilometers, and kilometer transfer platforms are or may be provided or administered by third parties, regarding which LATAM Airlines shall not be responsible and cannot guarantee the reliable performance of such obligations, or the maintenance thereof in the LATAM Pass Program.

13.7 Nevertheless, LATAM Pass neither guarantees nor is responsible for the availability of said Awards and Benefits, so LATAM Pass shall not be liable for any damage or loss that may result from the provision or failure to provide all or part of any award or benefit. Nor shall LATAM Pass be liable for any of these organizations’ abandonment of the LATAM Pass program.

13.8 The provision or supply of the Awards and/or benefits offered by oneworld® or Associated Airlines and/or Partner Companies shall be subject to the terms and conditions imposed by said organizations.

13.9 LATAM Pass is not responsible for any loss, harm, delay or damage arising from or connected with the LATAM Pass program or any award and/or benefits offered, except if such loss, harm, delay or damage is caused by serious negligence or willful misconduct by LATAM Pass.

13.10 LATAM Pass shall not be held responsible for errors or omissions in information relating to any part of the LATAM Pass program that, despite all precautions taken, may occur. Nor shall they be responsible for the delay, loss or wrong delivery of correspondence addressed to the member.

13.11 Any written communication by a member, addressed to the LATAM Pass Program must bear the signature and member number thereof.

13.12 LATAM Pass is solely responsible for the interpretation and application of these terms and conditions.

13.13 Unless expressly authorized in writing by LATAM Airlines, the purchase, sale, exchange or transfer of any LATAM Pass title, kilometers, Awards and/or Benefits is strictly prohibited. Any person caught buying, selling, exchanging or transferring LATAM Pass Awards and Benefits may be required to pay the full fee associated with harm and damages and legal costs involved, all in accordance with current legislation.

13.14 LATAM Pass Awards and Benefits that have been sold or purchased in any capacity without the approval of LATAM Airlines, and people who are found using these awards shall not be able to continue their trip or shall stop receiving the service associated with the award, except for paying the complete cost thereof.

13.15 LATAM Pass shall not be liable for Awards issued by Partner Companies or oneworld® or Associated Airlines, these being solely accountable to the member for the Awards they grant.

13.16 Flights that appear in the LATAM Pass Program account statements do not constitute evidence that the member actually made the indicated flight.

13.17 These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of Chile and any difficulty, dispute or litigation that may arise from their application, performance, interpretation or validity shall be determined by their Ordinary Courts of Justice.

13.18 With respect to any exchange of LATAM Pass Awards and Benefits not carried out face to face, such as through the our website or the Contact Center, the right to withdrawal shall not apply as established by Law 19,496 for non face-to-face purchases. The foregoing, notwithstanding the awards and/or benefits for which the repayment or redemption is expressly permitted in these regulations or in the terms and conditions applicable thereto.