Qualify for our Elite categories

As a LATAM Pass member, you can access our superior categories and enjoy better benefits by earning Qualifying Points on all your flights.

It’s important to remember that the Qualifying Points are different from LATAM Pass Points, which you can use to redeem for tickets and on-board benefits.

It’s very easy. The amount of Qualifying Points you earn depends on the dollars spent on purchasing the ticket (discounting charges, taxes and additional services) and the multiplier of the destination (domestic or international)


For example:

Rodrigo purchase a fare to Santiago for US$ 800.

* Values referentials

Meet these earning goals and qualify for our Elite categories:



From 15.000 Qualification Points

At least 12.000 on 100% LATAM flights or marketed by LATAM and operated by oneworld.


From 40.000 Qualification Points

At least 32.000 on 100% LATAM flights or marketed by LATAM and operated by oneworld.


From 75.000 Qualification Points

At least 60.000 on 100% LATAM flights or marketed by LATAM and operated by oneworld.

Black Signature

From 160.000 Qualification Points

At least 160.000 on 100% LATAM flights or marketed by LATAM and operated by oneworld.

You can review the Qualifying Points you’ve earned in your account statement. You can also view your progress towards qualifying for a superior category.

Review our frequently asked questions

1. What are Qualification Points, and what are they used for?

They are the new points, that you will earn to reach your program elite category qualification objectives. These will be effective from January 1, 2019. The objective of qualifying for each Elite category (Gold, Platinum, Black and Black Signature), is reflected in the amount of Qualification Points.

2. How are Qualification Points earned?

Qualification Points are earned based on the fare paid (discounting fees, taxes and other services) applying a multiplier depending upon the destination of the trip (national or international). Other services means the purchase of luggage, LATAM+ seat, Upgrade option and others.

3. What are the multipliers for each route?

The multipliers vary according to whether the flight is domestic or international, which means:

Ticketed route
Domestic Brazil (Points/BRL)
Domestic Colombia (Points/USD)
Other domestic routes (Points/USD)
International flights (Points/USD)
Ticketed route
All cabins and fares
Domestic Brazil (Points/BRL)
Domestic Colombia (Points/USD)
Other domestic routes (Points/USD)
International flights (Points/USD)

4. If the ticket is purchased in local currency, then what exchange rate is used to convert that to U.S. dollars?

The exchange rate applicable at the moment that the ticket was issued is used.

5. Do I earn Qualification Points when I purchase a fare on LATAM but the flight is operated by another airline?

Yes, you will earn Qualifying Points on flights marketed by LATAM but operated by other companies in the oneworld alliance. Sold flights are those sold and marketed by LATAM but that are not necessarily operated by LATAM.

6. Can I earn Qualification Points flying on other airlines?

Yes, you can earn Qualification Points on other airlines, given that they are members of the oneworld alliance. Please review our website for information about the associated airlines.

7. Is there a minimum of Qualification Points obtained on LATAM flights to reach a category?

Yes, to reach the Gold, Platinum and Black categories, at least 80% of the Qualification Points must be accumulated on LATAM flights. And to reach the Black Signature category 100% of the Qualification Points must be earned on LATAM flights.

8. How many Qualification Points must be accumulated to reach each category of the program?

The Qualification Points to reach each category vary according to the partner's country of residence.

Black Signature

(at least 12,000 on 100% LATAM flights or flights marketed by LATAM)

(at least 32,000 on 100% LATAM flights or flights marketed by LATAM)

(at least 60,000 on 100% LATAM flights or flights marketed by LATAM)
Black Signature

(at least 160,000 on 100% LATAM flights or flights marketed by LATAM)

9. At what moment are the Qualification Points earned? At the time of the ticket purchase or after flying?

You will earn the Qualification Points corresponding to a flight after flying.

10. Are Qualification Points and LATAM Pass Points the same thing?

No, LATAM Pass Points are earned to be redeemed. On the other hand, Qualification Points are specifically for reaching the Elite categories.

11. Where can I see my earned Qualification Points?

The amount of Qualification Points earned is available on the member tab of the LATAM website.

12. For how long are my Qualification Points valid?

Qualification Points are valid for the duration of the calendar year, that is, for flights between January 1 and December 31 of the same year.

13. Will the purchase of additional services, such as luggage and favorite seat earn Qualification Points?

No, additional services, such as the purchase of luggage, LATAM+ seats, Upgrade option and others do not allow you to earn points.