To our valued loyalty members: we want to assure you that all of your frequent flyer benefits and LATAM Pass Points will remain intact and you can use them just as you have in the past. We look forward to seeing you on board when you are ready to fly again.  

Turn your LATAM flights into LATAM Pass Points and make your dreams come true

Discover the places you've always wanted to visit, earning miles every time you fly with a fare that qualifies.


Do you know how many points you earn when flying with LATAM?

The number of points you get is determined by the multiplier of your member category and the amount of dollars you spent on your fare, excluding taxes, charges and additional services.


Find out your multiplier

For example:

Laura is a Gold Plus member and she purchased a ticket for US$ 900.



Terms and Conditions

  • You can only earn LATAM Pass Points with Basic, Light, Plus and Top rates. Promo fare tickets do not allow points earning for international flights or domestic ones within Brazil.
  • To calculate the LATAM Pass Points you’ve earned with flights marketed by LATAM Airlines, we only consider the ticket price. This new condition means that boarding fees, taxes or any additional expenses such as excess baggage, preferred seat, tour packages and travel insurance are not taken into account.
  • For tickets purchased in a currency other than US dollars, the exchange rate we will use is the IATA Exchange Rate, which is updated daily from Monday to Friday. The reference exchange rate is available online.
  • The maximum amount of points you can earn is 60,000 LATAM Pass Points per segment.
  • Remember to enter your LATAM Pass member number when making your purchase. That way, your LATAM Pass Points will be added to your account within a maximum of 7 days following your flight. If you still don’t see the points on your account, you can request them here.
  • Flights with partner airlines, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Swiss Airlines, allow you to earn miles like Other Airlines, even whern they are marketed by Latam Airlines. This benefit is not available on flights from South America to North America or from South America to Africa.
  • This information applies to members of the program residing in United Kingdom.