Make sure you check the conditions carefully when you redeem, change or return a LATAM Pass reward ticket, since you’ll have to pay a fine in kilometers that varies according to the ticket redeemed.


1. Service Charge for Redeeming Your LATAM Pass Reward in Our Call Center or Office

This charge exists in addition to the applicable boarding fees and taxes, and varies in accordance to the type of reward you're collecting. In order to inquire as to the cost of collecting your reward, please contact us via our Contact Center or LATAM Airlines offices.


If you collect the reward via our website, YOU PAY NO SERVICE CHARGE!


2. Fees For Changes and Returns of LATAM Pass Premium Tickets

Exchanges and returns of LATAM Pass premium tickets must be made through the sales office and Contact Center.

Which awards may be returned?

In order to be returned an award must comply with the following:

  • Award conditions allow it.
  • The ticket is currently valid and unused.
  • The request was made on or before the date of travel.
  • Claimed kilometers may not have reached their expiration date.

How do I make a return?

Request a reward ticket refund by filling in our form or by calling the LATAM Pass Contact Center. Once your refund has been processed, the kilometers that have not expired will be credited again to your LATAM Pass kilometer account.