Choose a LATAM+ seat

Enjoy a better travel experience having access to benefits like: more space, exclusive baggage compartment and priority boarding.
Buy your LATAM+ seat and discover how to fly more comfortably.

Benefits of buying a LATAM+ seat

  • More than 10 centimeters of extra legroom.
  • Recline your seat up to 40% more.
  • Footrest available in B787-9 and A350 models.
  • Exclusive baggage compartment.
  • Priority boarding.
  • Deplane first with seats located in the front section of the cabin.

*These LATAM+ seat benefits are subject to the aircraft’s model and availability.

How can you purchase your LATAM+ seat?

If you have already bought your ticket, you can purchase your LATAM+ seat via our Contact Center or at the airport.

If you haven't done so yet, you can do it while purchasing, either calling the Contact Center or at the airport.


Is it free?

It’s free for Black Signature and Black passengers, and for those who have purchased a Flex fare ticket. Platinum members have this benefit on all domestic flights.

To find out if these benefits apply to your companions, check for details in the LATAM Pass section.