If you have a flight operated by LAN, check its Traveling with Pets Information.


Air transportation of animals is only permitted for dogs and cats, and may be carried out in one of two ways:

  • In the passenger cabin, only in Economy Class, not permitted in Space + seats.
  • In the cargo hold.
  • Both environments are temperature and pressure controlled, with lighting in the cargo hold.

General conditions

For the journey, the animal should be placed in a transportation box (kennel), which can be purchased in pet shops. Read “PREPARING FOR THE TRIP – TRANSPORTATION BOX” for more information.

A limited number of animals is transported per aircraft – dogs and cats are not placed close together on the same flight due to their natural incompatibilities.

Transportation of puppies or kittens less than 8 (eight) weeks old is not permitted, nor is the carrying of animals in a state of pregnancy, or those who have undergone birth labor in the preceding 48 (forty-eight) hours. Animals in heat may be transported provided the use of absorbent material (newspapers, sawdust, etc.) inside the transportation box.

If you are traveling with your pet to the United States, this must be at least 4 months of life.


The procedure for traveling is the same for the passenger and his/her animal: check-in, departure lounge, boarding and arrival:

  • During check-in, it will be verified that all requirements for the journey are met.
  • Next, the animal is taken to await boarding in a quiet, sheltered place until placement on the airplane.
  • During boarding, animal transportation boxes are handled with the utmost care. Inside the aircraft, boxes are placed so that they are well ventilated and easily accessible. Transportation boxes are lashed to the floor of the cargo hold by ropes and straps. Where an animal is traveling with its owner in the cabin, it should be placed below the seat and should remain inside the box throughout the journey.
  • On arrival, animals traveling in the cargo hold shall be removed from the aircraft and dispatched to the baggage claim – don’t worry, the animal will not be placed on the carousel.

If there are long delays in one of these phases, company staff is instructed to provide the animal with food and water as required.


To make your reservation, contact the Sales, Fidelity and Services Center at 0800 026 0728, more than 48 hours before the scheduled flight. In the case of connections with other airlines, acceptance of the animal will depend on their prior consultation and authorization.