If you have a flight operated by LAN, check its Traveling with Pets Information.


Preparing for the Trip


It is vitally important to consult a veterinary practitioner in advance, as some of the required documents are filled out by such a professional and must be dated several days or some months prior to the trip.

The Passport for Transit of Dogs and Cats is an official document issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento, MAPA) used for national and international transportation of dogs and cats. The passport unifies all the documents listed in the table below, and may be used in countries accepting it instead of the International Veterinary Certificate (Certificado Veterinário Internacional, CVI) and, in Brazil, in place of a declaration of health.

The advantage of using the Passport is greater expedition and animal health safety in official clearance of dogs and cats traveling on flights.

Documentation required for Brazilian domestic flights:

  • Certificate of Rabies vaccination.
  • Declaration of health.
  • For boarding, completion of a responsibility form for transportation of the animal is required.

Documentation required for international travel:

Documentation for international flights varies in accordance with the destination country. See below.

  • International Zoosanitary Certificate (Certificado Zoossanitário Internacional, CZI): this document is issued by the official health service in the animal’s country of origin with the aim of ensuring compliance with sanitary conditions required for international transit of animals to the destination country. Validity of this document is determined in accordance with the regulations in each country.

Address for acquisition of CZI in São Paulo: Guarulhos International Airport - Ministério da Agricultura Serviço de Sanidade Animal [Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Health Service] Sector - Telefax: (11) 2445-3683

  • Declaration of Health: issued by veterinary. Such declarations are valid for 10 (ten) days from date of issue.

Vaccination Record Card: certificate of anti-rabies vaccination required for animals 3 (three) months of age and over. This vaccine is to be applied between 30 (thirty) days and 1 (one) year prior to travel. Puppies and kittens less than three months old, which therefore have not had their first vaccine, shall travel only on express authorization of the veterinary.

  • Microchip/tattoo: the microchip is implanted in the animal’s body and contains an alpha-numeric identification code. In place of a microchip, a tattoo giving the same information is acceptable, and is normally located behind one of the animal’s ears. Where an animal is tattooed or has a microchip implant, the owner receives a label which is to be presented during check-in.
  • Serology Report: this involves forwarding a blood sample to one of the two European Union (EU) accredited laboratories in Brazil (Laboratory of Zoonoses and Vector-Transmitted Diseases of the São Paulo Zoonoses Control Center and Pasteur Institute) or to another EU-accredited laboratory outside Brazil. NOTE: It is a requirement to wait 90 (ninety) days between the date of blood-sample collection and boarding of the animal.

The documentation shall be in the form of one original and a copy to be attached to the transportation box. For boarding, completion of a responsibility form for transportation of the animal is required.