If you have a flight operated by LAN, check its Traveling with Pets Information.


Not all animals are fit for air travel, and this does not depend only on an animal’s state of health; special restrictions apply to animals of certain breeds, ages or physical and behavioral conditions. A prior consultation with a vet is essential.

Some breeds of dogs and cats are subject to restrictions, such as short-snout animals, known as brachycephalics (see breeds below), and those considered as very muscular dogs (Pit Bulls, Dogo Argentinos and Brazilian Mastiffs).

Brachycephalic dogs

*Including all derivations.


Brachycephalic cats

Brachycephalic animals have difficulty regulating their body temperature, especially due to their more restricted respiration, and therefore require bigger boxes for improved air circulation whenever transported in the cabin with the passenger, always respecting the maximum allowed measurements.

Due to these characteristics, brachycephalic animals are not accepted for transportation as cargo, on the plane luggage compartment area. It is possible to transport these breeds on TAM Cargo on 100% domestic routes within Brazil.

We at TAM reserve the right not to permit transportation of animals presenting certain conditions or behaviors. Always consult the airline in advance.


Dogs breeds that are considered dangerous

Starting on February 05, 2015, dog breeds that are considered dangerous will not be accepted anymore for transportation on the luggage compartment on TAM and LAN flights. This procedure aims to conform to the safety standards in animal transportation.

These breeds can be transported via TAM Cargo or LAN Cargo as they have the necessary conditions to make this type of transportation according to the IATA [International Air Transport Association] Live Animals Regulations.

*These breeds are brachycephalic and because of that they are not accepted by LAN Cargo nor TAM Cargo, except in 100% domestic routes within Brazil in which they can be transported by TAM Cargo.