If you have a flight operated by LAN, check its Children on Board Information.


The crib service is offered to children under two years of age with a maximum weight of 10 kg or 22.5 lbs and maximum height of 71 cm or 28”, in order to fit in the standard crib measures available on TAM and LAN international flights on economy class.

How to request the service

You can request the service at least 48 hours in advance of your flight, at the Sales, Fidelity and Services Portal.

The quantity of available cribs on board varies depending on the aircraft model, with a minimum of one crib and a maximum of two cribs on economy class.

Order Confirmation

When requesting the service to Customer Service, after checking its availability on the desired flight, you will get an immediate confirmation or refusal of your request. If the crib reservation is for a flight on a LAN aircraft, the order confirmation will happen up to 36 hours after the request.

Inside the aircraft, the flight attendant will analyze the baby accommodation in the crib and if it is decided that, due to the measurements, the comfort or safety are affected, the child will not be able to travel in the crib, and will have to travel on the guardian’s lap. If on economy class, the service tax will be refunded upon request at a TAM airport store.


In Economy class the service is charged by segment and destination. Payment must be made at a TAM airport store, where a receipt to be shown upon boarding will be issued.

Customers that have the TAM Fidelidade Red Plus and Black Card, and the LANPASS Comodoro and Comodoro Black Cards don’t need to pay the fee when traveling on economy class.

Check the fees on the chart below.


The passenger traveling with a lap infant, using the crib service, and another companion, in the same reservation, can seat on the seats in front of the crib if there are no priorities required by law to use those seats. The other passengers in the reservation will be placed on available seats in the aircraft according to the fare.

Crib Service Refund

If the customer changes the flight or cancels it with at least 48 hours in advance, he can get a refund and should request it at the airport store.