Take what you need with you

We know that on some occasions you need to take more baggage or weight than normal, especially when moving to live in another place or if you are on a shopping trip. You can do this with us by paying an additional fee, which we will accept if there’s space available in the airplane. For this reason, on the day of your trip we advise you to arrive at the airport well in advance.

The total price for additional baggage varies depending on whether it is overweight or oversized, the number of additional bags and the baggage allowance on the ticket you purchased.

Review the fees that apply to additional bags, excess weight and oversized pieces on your route. Please note that the prices published do not include the taxes for each country, and they may change without prior notice, except for domestic flights within Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, which do show the final price with taxes included.

On flights with connections one single fee is charged from the place of origin through to the final destination. This fee will correspond to the highest fee on the passenger's route.

Remember that on routes to and from Argentina, Aruba, Europe or Oceania you cannot take bags weighing more than 32 kilos.

Take into account that charges for excessively heavy, oversized and additional pieces are cumulative and may be charged independently. If you bought your ticket before January 17, 2018, review the fixed fees for oversized baggage.

If your carry-on baggage exceeds the size limits, it will be sent to the hold and may be subject to charges, even if you are at the boarding gate.

Some kinds of sports equipment, musical instruments and televisions or monitors are all considered special baggage and can be transported in the hold of LATAM Airlines flights for an extra transportation fee.

Remember that you can only pay special baggage fees in person in the airport.

You can review the prices for purchasing overweight, oversized and extra baggage:



On domestic flights within Brazil

For domestic and international flights from Brazil, you can pay for up to three items of luggage via our website.

On domestic flights within Chile

For tickets purchased before November 1, 2017
For tickets purchased starting November 1, 2017

Flights to Easter Island

On domestic flights within Colombia

For tickets purchased before December 12, 2017
For tickets purchased starting December 12, 2017

On domestic flights within Peru

For tickets purchased before November 1, 2017
For tickets purchased starting November 1, 2017

International flights

On flights between South American countries and between South America and the Caribbean

For flights departing from, arriving to or connecting in Brazil

International flights

Important: North America includes Mexico, the United States and Canada.
The Caribbean includes routes between South America and Aruba, Costa Rica, Havana and Punta Cana.

The published amounts are charged in local currency at the daily exchange rate.