A fixed, additional price must be paid for oversized baggage transportation on fares issued after December 19, 2016

At LATAM you can check oversized items by paying a fee. Oversized baggage is defined as baggage that exceeds the allowed dimensions in the hold, between 158 and 300 lineal centimeters (length + width + height) and whose maximum weight is 45 kg. If the item weighs more than 45 kg., regardless of its dimensions, it must be transported by LATAM Cargo.


  • Flights with connections with Iberia, British Airways, Air Canada, Qantas and flights to and from Europe, Oceania, Argentina or Aruba, the maximum weight is 32 kg.
  • Information detailed below only refers to flights operated by LATAM Airlines. If your trip includes a connection with another airline, please check that airline's baggage policy.

Charges for oversized baggage

The charge for each item will be a fixed fee depending on your trip's route. Review all the information about the fees that apply to your trip's route.

Special baggage

The following items are considered as special baggage and can be checked on LATAM Airlines flights. Items that surpass 158 lineal cm. are subject to a fee. If the item exceeds 300 lineal cm. or the maximum weight restriction, it must be transported by LATAM Cargo

Wheelchairs and mobility items

If you need to take your wheelchair, crutches or other orthopedic items with you, you can do so completely free of charge. For more information, review the special needs section.

Sports Equipment

To travel with your sports equipment, you must package it correctly and as described below to avoid damage to other items being transported. You must use our LATAM Cargo service for the transportation of very large items such as windsurfing sails, kayaks, canoes and oars, hang gliders, vaulting poles and javelins. Read more below about some of sports items that are allowed on LATAM Airlines flights:

  • Bow and arrows: You can only take a bow with its quiver (case to store arrows), a maintenance kit and arrows.
  • Sporting firearm: You can travel with a sporting firearm as long as you bring the necessary documentation with you. It must be unloaded and placed in a suitable case.
  • Bicycle: Your bike must be packed appropriately. You must deflate the wheels, take off the pedals and tie the handle bar to the side. If it's detachable, you must tie the transportation handles to the sides and take off the pedals or package them. A maximum of 4 small gas cartridges (up to 50 ml) of non-flammable gas that contain carbon dioxide or other gases with no secondary effects can be transported as carry-on or checked baggage. Adult bicycles with rims larger than 26 inches are considered oversized.
  • Scuba diving equipment: You can travel with one air regulator, one pressure gauge, one mask, one snorkel, two fins, one knife, one harpoon (unloaded and packed safely) and one life jacket. Oxygen tanks are only accepted as checked baggage.
  • Golf equipment: You can travel with one single golf bag with clubs and one pair of golf shoes.
  • Fishing equipment: You can travel with two fishing poles, one fishing reel, one net, one pair of fishing boots and one wire basket (to keep the fish).
  • Surfing and windsurfing equipment: You can check surfboards or windsurf boards as checked baggage. Brazil only accepts a maximum of 3 units total and they cannot exceed 300 lineal cm.
  • Ski equipment: You can check snowboards, skis and poles in the hold.

Musical Instruments

You can travel with your musical instrument on your trip with us. Small musical instruments are permitted in the cabin as long as they do not exceed the carry-on baggage limits. If they do not comply with the established measurements, they must be transported as checked baggage with the corresponding excess baggage fee.

You must package them correctly to avoid damage to other items being transported. Instruments that exceed said dimensions must be transported by LATAM Cargo We recommend you transport instruments in special containers for fragile objects. Below are some of the musical instruments permitted on LATAM Airlines flights.

  • Guitar: You can travel with your guitar in the cabin as long as there is space in the bin for it and it's inside a flexible case. If you only have a hard case, the guitar must be transported in the plane's hold.
  • Cello or tuba: You can travel with your cello or tuba in the cabin or in the hold. You must reserve an additional seat in order to bring them on board with you. In order to do so, contact our Contact Center ahead of time. As an alternative, you may transport them as checked baggage.
Conditions for transporting instruments in the cabin.

If you want to take your musical instrument in a seat, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • You must reserve an additional seat for your instrument in advance by buying a ticket with the same fare and class as your ticket without the right to additional baggage allowance.
  • The maximum weight permitted is 45 kilos and for flights operated by LATAM Airlines Brasil or LATAM Airlines Paraguay, it's 75 kilos.

Television sets and monitors

You can take television sets or monitors in your checked baggage as long as it falls within the permitted limits of our baggage policy. You must transport this item inside a suitable box.
Television sets or monitors over 40 inches with dimensions between 62 and 118 linear inches (158 and 300 linear centimeters) shall be charged as oversized baggage.


If you have any questions about the transportation of oversized or special baggage contact us through our Contact Center.