Pregnant women

Are you expecting? Don't worry. If you’ve had a healthy pregnancy through the 29th week and don’t have a medical condition that requires special assistance, you don’t need authorization to travel. After the 30th week, you must turn in a medical certificate at the airport counter and/or process the authorization with our medical department. 

This is the documentation you’ll have to present according to your type of pregnancy:

For your safety and that of your baby, you cannot travel with us after week 39 of pregnancy.

Medical certificate

This document must be issued up to 10 days before the date of departure of your flight and must include:

  • Origin and destination of your trip.
  • The dates of departure and arrival.
  • Week of pregnancy.
  • Express authorization from your doctor to fly.

LATAM medical department authorization

To process the authorization with our medical department, you must send us the medical certificate through the Contact Form at least 48 hours before your flight departure time. 

Once we have received it, it will be evaluated by our doctors and we’ll contact you to provide you with the assistance you need. 

Are you traveling to or from Peru?

You can travel to or from Peru up to week 27 of pregnancy without restrictions, as long as you are in good health. After week 28, you must meet certain requirements:

Starting week 36, according to local regulations, you will no longer be able to travel with us on domestic or international flights to or from Peru.

Are you ready to travel during your pregnancy? Remember, if you need additional assistance on the day of your trip, read our Special Needs section.