Unaccompanied children

Our unaccompanied minor transport service offers comprehensive service for boys, girls and teenagers who fly alone or without a responsible adult. We provide help and protection throughout the entire trip, including immigration control and security, until they are received at their destination by the authorized person.

Trip Follow-Up

This service includes a Trip Follow-Up system available on flights within Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru, which allows you, via computer or mobile device, to identify in real time the status of the various phases of the trip or of the mino

This service is available for:

How it works:

  • At check-in the minor will receive a bracelet with a unique code. Once the process is finished, the code will be read for the first time, enabling follow-up.
  • A LATAM official will accompany the minor to the boarding gate and wait with them. The agent will perform the whole boarding process with the minor and guide them to the airplane, where they will be delivered into the custody of the crew.
  • Our crew will receive and accommodate the minor in their seat, offering them all the attention and help they need. On domestic flights in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru, a children’s snack is included.
  • The take-off schedule will be updated upon departure of the flight and automatically marked as complete.
  • Once the airplane lands at the destination airport, a LATAM official will accompany the minor throughout the entire disembarkation process.
  • The agent will accompany and help the minor retrieve their baggage.
  • The agent will accompany the minor to the arrival area of the arrival airport and deliver them to the person you have indicated at the final destination.

How to request this service

You can request it up to 48 hours before the flight via our Contact Center, paying the corresponding amount according to the country where the minor is located. Remember that it is important that you purchase the fare after the unaccompanied minor transport service has been confirmed, since it is subject to availability.


* Regional flights: between countries in South America; between South America and Central America; Includes flights between Auckland - Sydney, Punta Cana - Miami, Madrid - Frankfurt and Santiago and Easter Island.
** Long haul flights: between South America and Europe - North America - Africa - Asia - Oceania (includes Papeete).

These prices may be subject to taxes in your country of origin. If you require any further information, please contact our Contact Center.

At the airport

The child's parent or guardian must be present at our counter in the airport to complete the Unaccompanied Minor form, which requires the following information:

  • Name, last name(s) and age of the minor.
  • Name, last name(s), telephone number and address of the child carer in the airport of origin.
  • Name, last name(s), telephone number and address of the child carer at the destination airport.

If you already requested our service, review our list of advice for the minor’s trip.

Service Conditions

  • This service is not available for children who require a medical certificate to fly.

  • Children must be able to feed themselves and take care of their own basic hygiene needs. They must also be able to move in case of an evacuation and able to respond to safety instructions.

  • It is forbidden for children to travel with pets in the aircraft cabin or in the hold.

  • For minors between 12 and 17 years of age, this service is only available on itineraries with direct flights or connections operated by LATAM. It is important that they do not change airports while making the connecting flight and that there is a waiting time of no longer than 4 hours. Additionally, the connection cannot be the last flight of the day, except on those routes that only have one flight per day.
  • You can only request a refund of the service before the departure of the flight.
  • Children will be seated in the front area of the aircraft, so that our flight crew can have optimal visibility and control of the minors; they will be the first to board and the last to disembark.
  • Minors up to 14 years old cannot travel alone on flights operated by American Airlines and United Airlines. For that, you must acquire the unaccompanied minor service directly with these companies. American Airlines, United Airlines and LATAM Airlines do not allow unaccompanied minors on connection flights with other airlines. For that reason, we suggest you contact our Contact Center or visit our Sales Offices before buying the fare.