Rules for the use of LATAM VIP lounge

It is strictly prohibited:

  • To smoke in the premises of the VIP Lounge (inclusive E-Cigarettes);
  • To circulate around the VIP Lounge in sleepwear, underwear, shirtless or barefoot;
  • The use of any type of illegal object or substance;
  • To lie down and put your feet on sofas or tables;
  • The use of electronic devices at high volume;
  • The entry of animals, except guide dogs and animals of emotional support duly authorized and documented (ESAN);
  • The entry of passengers without documentation;
  • The entry of minors of age unaccompanied by a responsible adult;*
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors of age;*
  • The entry of uniformed crew members of any airline company;
  • To take photos or make videos of the VIP Lounge without the authorization of the LATAM group;
  • To remove products, food or drinks from the Lounge (items for domestic consumption only), it subject to the intervention of the Police and the LATAM Security Team.

*Minors: under 18 years of age (Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia) and 21 years of age (United States).

It is the customers' duty:

  • To look after for the structure and assets of the VIP Lounge, avoiding the waste and damaging of any object;
  • To take responsibility for your personal objects, documents and belongings;
  • To behave properly in morality and good customs keeping a calm and relaxing environment;
  • Adults should be responsible and supervise the behavior of minors with whom they are traveling while remaining in the VIP Lounge;
  • To be attentive to the time of departure of his flight.

The LATAM VIP Lounge reserves the right to admit or request to the clients with misbehave or non-compliance with these rules withdraw from the establishment.

Examples of misbehavior are: drunkenness, gross attitude towards employees, aggressive behavior, acts considered harmful and / or unsuitable for the environment.

All rooms in the VIP Lounge are monitored by cameras and the images can only be obtained with the authorization of Justice.

For other rules of use of LATAM VIP LOUNGE consult our staff or visit our website