Redeem your Multiplus points for flights with oneworld companies!


You can redeem your Multiplus points for domestic and international fares to fly with oneworld alliance airlines.

The amount of points you’ll need to redeem them for fares oneworld alliance airlines depends on the cabin and the number of regions on the route.

Points are calculated using the regions on your trip’s route to your final destination, regardless of the number of connections in the same region. In other words, when you travel from region A to region B, without stopovers, the fare is based on those two regions. If you travel from region A to region B stopping over in region C, the fare will be determined by all the regions traveled; which in this case includes region C.

Review the LATAM Fidelidade regions table.

If your LATAM flight is combined with another oneworld alliance company flight, all corresponding points will be added up and each leg will be calculated according to the rules.

Check the points you need, per leg, to exchange your fares in each region: