Courtesy Cabin Upgrade on flights operated by LATAM Airlines

As an Elite LATAM Pass member, you can request a Courtesy Cabin Upgrade on all international routes operated and marketed by LATAM Airlines (now also on routes operated and marketed by LATAM Airlines Brasil and Paraguay).

Remember that if you apply for an upgrade, you won’t be able to travel with your pet, as for security reasons they have to travel in the economy cabin.

Review the coupon information to request a Courtesy Cabin Upgrade according to the category of each member:

*The conditions for members also apply for their companions.

Remember that the coupons are valid for one year. Renewal is every year on April 1 (the year starts on April 1 and ends on March 31). Coupons are not accumulative.

Tickets redeemed with LATAM Pass KMS are elegible and don't have a fare restriction.

You can request a Courtesy Cabin Upgrade:

  • When you Check-in for your flight on our website, click on the link that takes you to the page to request a Courtesy Cabin Upgrade.
  • If you did not do this at the time, select the Upgrade Request option from the LATAM Pass menu.
  • If you have any problems, get in touch with our Contact Center

Once you have made your request, you can review your position on the Upgrade list with your information. Your priority depends on:

  1. Your Elite member category.
  2. At the time you Check-in, available 48 hours before the departure of flights operated by LATAM Airlines. For flights operated by LATAM Airlines in other countries, Check-in is available starting 72 hours before flight departure.

We want you to be informed of the changes in your Elite member benefits, so we’re letting you know that as of March 1, 2018 the priority criteria for requesting a cabin upgrade will change. Now the Upgrade Option will have priority over Gold members, but will remain below Black Signature, Black and Platinum members.

Remember that your location on the list may change up to 45 minutes before your flight departure and will be confirmed directly at the boarding gate, subject to availability in the cabin.

Tickets issued with a discount for children (CHD) and infants (INF) do not apply except if they fulfill the minimum fare requirements for requesting an upgrade.

The courtesy upgrade does not apply in the following cases:

Courtesy tickets or other free ticket promotions, reduced fare tickets, companion tickets, charter flight tickets, tickets with a discount for travel agents or airline industry employees (except tickets with an EM benefit that satisfies the minimum fare requirements), infant tickets,tickets purchased for articles that occupy a seat, tickets with unpublished fares (including group fares) and tickets subject to special terms and conditions.

* Remember that in order to request your Courtesy Cabin Upgrade, you must first make your Check-in.

Who can request an Upgrade?

  • Elite members that travel on a flight marketed and operated by LATAM Airlines Group, who have checked-in and who have the necessary coupons for each route.
  • Companions can use coupons available to Elite members as long as they travel with the owner of the coupons, irregardless of whether they are on another reservation and/or cabin or not, and as long as they comply with Upgrade request conditions.

In the case of minors, an Upgrade can only be requested for children that have paid for an adult fare that allows for an Upgrade

How many coupons do I need to request a Courtesy Cabin Upgrade?

Check how many coupons you need per leg to request a Courtesy Cabin Upgrade on each route.

If your flight has a connection time of less than 6 hours, you can request an Upgrade according to origin-destination and the corresponding coupons will be discounted. If your flight has a connection time of more than 6 hours, the coupon discount is by leg.

* Other routes: routes within South America, between South America and the Caribbean / Cancun / Easter Island / Papeete and any other route whose segments are not included under the previous sections.

If you would like more information about the requirements for requesting a Cabin Upgrade, check our terms and conditions. Keep in mind that the Courtesy Upgrade is not valid for people traveling on an infant/child fare.

Bear in mind that the Premium Business excess baggage policy does not apply to the free cabin upgrade, it is only for trips that have been purchased or redeemed with LATAM Airlines and oneworld.

Note that if you purchased your Favorite Seat and get Cabin Upgrade, your money will not be returned. The refund will only be made in case LATAM is responsible for not granting the benefit.