Fly with us, or with associated airlines, and we will add LATAM Pass Miles to your account that will take you on new adventures around the world.


Do you want to earn more miles?

Increase your miles by renting cars on and explore those places you have always dreamed of.

Terms and conditions

  • LATAM Pass members will be able to earn LATAM Pass Miles only through LATAM Pass channels. By entering the website, members will be able to earn 5 LATAM Pass Miles or more for every dollar spent on their reservation made on the redirected website, applicable with reservations made as of April 2 up to December 31, 2018.
  • Earned miles will appear in your LATAM Pass account within the 15 business days after the date your reservation was confirmed.
  • These miles can’t be used to change your LATAM Pass category.’s general Terms and Conditions apply for all car reservations.
  • It does not apply to reservations within Chile, which must be made through HERTZ CHILE (, by giving your LATAM Pass member number at the moment of reservation.
  • Earn LATAM Pass Miles each time you reserve your rented car through our website.
  • LATAM Pass general Terms and Conditions apply.