To improve the travel experience of our Black and Black Signature members in the Economy cabin, we have specially reserved preferred seats in the first rows and the emergency exit rows on domestic and international flights operated and marketed by LATAM Airlines. In addition, this benefit is available for flight companions on the same reservation or on a different reservation.


How can I request it?

  • When entering seat selection option, our Black and Black Signature members will be recognized and can choose preferential seats depending on availability.
  • Remember you can check-in from 48 hours prior to your flight's departure.


Requirements for traveling in emergency exit row seats:

According to Aviation Authority regulations, passengers may travel in emergency exit row seats provided that they meet the following requirements:

  • They must be older than 15 years.
  • They must be able to understand and communicate in Spanish or English.
  • They must be able to read and understand the “Emergency Exit Seats” Card.
  • They must not be responsible for another passenger who may require their assistance or care during the trip (such as a child younger than 15 or a passenger who has health issues).
  • They must have sufficient mobility and dexterity to remove obstacles, open the emergency exits, and exit the aircraft quickly, assisting other passengers.
  • They must be able to hear and see well enough to open the emergency exit.
  • They must assess whether they have any condition that could be affected or aggravated by opening the emergency exit.
  • They must be willing to assist other passengers if necessary.
  • Any passenger who accepts these conditions but does not fulfill one or more of them will be removed from the flight, and LATAM Airlines reserves the right to take legal action.