If you have a flight operated by LAN, check its Prohibited Items Information.

TAM follows the rules and regulations established by ANAC [Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil)] and IATA [International Air Transport Association] to limit the transportation of certain items as carry-on or checked lugagge.

Animals, plants, or its parts:

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply alerts that the entry of any animal, plant (including food), seeds, veterinary or agrotoxic products, without authorization to import and health and phytosanitary certification, is forbidden in the Brazilian territory.

prohibition aims to control the introduction of plant pests and disease-carrying animal agents that could compromise the agricultural health and production in Brazil.

Objects that compromise the flight safety:


Any object with the ability (or apearing that it has) to shoot projectiles or cause injuries.

Example: firearms, hunting rifles, replica or an imitation of a firearm (including lighter in the shape of a firearm, “paintball” style gun or similar, diving gun, gun pieces (excluding monoculars), pistols or compressed air pistols, starting pistol, signaling pistol, stunt gun, industrial pistol, brass knuckles, etc.

Explosive or Flammable Substances

Explosive or highly combustive substance.

Example: ammunition, projectiles, explosive capsules, smoke generating cartridge, trigger and fuzes, fuze, explosive or replica or immitation of an explosive, lightining beacon, gunpowder, dynamite, pyrotechnic material, fireworks, any kind of aerosol spray (except those for medical or personal use), beverages with more than 70% alcohol proof per volume, flammable solids (articles that ignite easily in any quantity), flammable liquids (ex: fuel, diesel oil, lighter fluid, methanol), compressed gas (ex: butane, propane, fire extingishers and oxygen tanks), military explosive materials and hand granades, etc.

Chemical and Toxic Substances

Any chemical or toxic substance.

Example: oxidizing material (ex: lime powder, chemical bleach and peroxide), chlorine for pools and bathtubs, corrosive materials (ex: acidic mercury, alkaloid, bleach), infectious or biologically dangerous material (ex: infected blood, bacteria or virus), radioactive material, paralizing “sprays” (pepper and tear gas), fire extinguisher, etc.