Sale of checked baggage

Checked Baggage (transported in the airplane hold)

  • To check and pay for your baggage (if applicable), you will have to arrive to the airport at the time indicated on your boarding pass. Baggage can only be dropped off at LATAM counters at the airport.
  • This service can be purchased at our webpage, at one of our sales offices, at a Contact Center and at the airport.
  • Each item can weigh a maximum of 23 kilos and the maximum dimensions allowed are 158 lineal centimeters ( length + width + height).
  • If your baggage doesn’t comply with the aforementioned indications, you must pay an excess or oversized baggage fee according to the specific conditions of this service, which you can learn about on our website. These excess or oversized baggage fees are separate from and additional to the optional fees charged for the checked baggage as an additional baggage piece.
  • All baggage is subject to screening by competent authorities.

Changes and Refunds

  • Ticket airfare purchased determines applicability of refund
  • To check whether refunds and/or changes apply under the ticket airfare you have purchased, please check your purchase confirmation receipt.
  • When applicable, changes are only available for the same service, for the same passenger.
  • Passenger not entitled to refunds when voluntary changes by the passenger to a lower airfare.
  • Passenger not entitled to refund when voluntary flight cancellations by the passenger and no significant flight delay or change of schedule by the airline.
  • Passenger is entitled to refund when bumping and oversales.
  • Passenger entitled to a refund if the passenger paid a baggage optional fee and his or her baggage has been declared lost by the airline.
  • Passenger is entitled to a refund if the passenger paid a baggage optional fee but was unable to use the optional service due to a flight cancellation, delay, schedule change, or a situation where the passenger was involuntarily denied boarding.
  • Due to local regulation, no refunds apply additional checked baggage fees paid for flights within Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Carry-on baggage (transportable in the cabin)

  • You can carry-on one (1) bag, for free, weighing a maximum of 8 kilos in the Economy cabin and 16 kilos in the Premium Economy or Premium Business cabin with a maximum dimension of 55 x 35 x 25 cm (height, length, and width), including the pockets, wheels and handle.
  • Children and/or infants can carry-on one (1) bag under the same conditions.
  • In addition, you can carry-on one personal item with a maximum dimension of 45 x 35 x 20 cm (height, length, and width).
  • All your baggage will be screened by competent authorities.

Where to store your baggage on board the airplane

Carry-on baggage must be stored in the bins above your seat or below the seat in front of you, unless you are seated in an emergency exit row or in the first row, in which case, you must store it in the overhead bins.

General Conditions:

  • If your carry-on baggage exceeds the measurements and/or weight allowance, you will be charged a checked baggage fee and your bag will be moved into the hold of the airplane.
  • Carry-on baggage are the bags you will bring with you into the cabin of the airplane. Carry-on baggage is allowed when there is enough space available on the airplane. When there isn’t enough space, your carry-on baggage will be moved to the hold of the airplane at no extra cost to the passenger.
  • You should pack your valuables or items you want to have with you in your carry-on bag. If your bag is moved into the hold of the airplane, we will provide you with the means to transport these valuable items with you in the cabin.