Transport of medical devices

When you fly with us, you can transport a Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC), a respiratory assistance device or a dialysis machine if you comply with the corresponding requirements and inform us in advance directly at our Contact Center. 

If any of your flights is operated by an airline other than LATAM, you must request the service directly from the other company.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)

Regardless of the baggage you carry, you can travel with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) at no cost, provided you comply with the transport conditions.

Conditions for the use of a POC

  • This service is available only for LATAM flights.
  • On codeshare flights between LATAM and other airlines, you must check the acceptance conditions directly with the companies involved in the trip.
  • You must have a Medical Certificate that explains the conditions of its use and your state of health. This document is subject to evaluation by a LATAM doctor and must be sent at least 48 hours before flight departure.
  • You must be able to hear the alarms that the POC may emit, be able to see the indicators and react accordingly. Otherwise, you must travel with a companion who is capable of doing so.
  • If the size of the POC complies with the measurements and characteristics of a personal item, described in the carry-on baggage section, you may carry it with you throughout the entire flight or under the seat in front of you, unless you are in the first row or an emergency exit row. On the other hand, if its measurements qualify it as carry-on baggage, you must keep it in the overhead compartment during taxiing, take-off and landing.
  • The POC may remain connected throughout the trip as long as it is located under the seat in front of you. If it needs to be kept in the overhead compartment, it must be disconnected and not in use during taxiing, take-off and landing. In this case, you can’t bring pets in the cabin.
  • The POC's batteries must have a capacity equivalent to 150% of the flight time, including layovers and connections. The batteries must also be in good condition and come individually packaged in order to prevent them from coming into contact with each other.

POC brands and models permitted by the FAA

The following brands and models of POC are authorized by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to be carried on board:

  • AirSep FreeStyle
  • AirSep LifeStyle
  • AirSep Focus
  • AirSep Freestyle 5
  • (Caire) SeQual eQuinox / Oxywell (model 4000)
  • Delphi RS-00400 / Oxus RS-00400
  • DeVilbiss Healthcare iGo
  • Inogen One
  • Inogen One G2
  • lnogen One G3
  • lnova Labs LifeChoice Activox
  • International Biophysics LifeChoice / lnova Labs LifeChoice
  • Invacare XPO2 / XPO100
  • Invacare Solo 2
  • Oxylife Independence Oxygen Concentrator
  • Precision Medical EasyPulse
  • Respironics EverGo
  • Respironics SimplyGo
  • Sequal Eclipse
  • SeQual SAROS
  • X) VBox (3B Medical) Trooper (Aer X) Oxygen Concentrator

We emphasize that this list is for reference only, details and updated models can be found on the official FAA page.


Respiratory assist medical devices

You can take respiratory assist medical devices on all our routes and in all our cabins, provided they are on the approved list for use on board or have a tag, a copy of the tag, brochure or document from the manufacturer accrediting that it is intended for in-flight use.

Conditions for the use of the respiratory assist medical device

  • To travel with these devices, you don’t need a medical certificate, you just need to make sure you comply with the following conditions:
  • If you plan to use your device during the trip, it must have enough batteries so that it operates on its own. On our airplanes, you may use the on-board connection, provided it is available and the connector is a maximum of 75 watts.
  • Additional batteries must be individually packaged in a manner that prevents them from coming into contact with each other, in compliance with regulations for hazardous goods.
  • Depending on the size of the device, you can locate it under the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment.
    Its transport is in addition to standard carry-on baggage, but is free of charge since it is considered an assistance device.
  • On codeshare flights between LATAM and other airlines, you must check the acceptance conditions directly with the companies involved in the trip.

Dialysis machine

We allow the transport of portable dialysis machines in the cabin or hold, provided they comply with the following conditions:

  • If you are the person who uses the machine, transportation of this item is free of charge, irregardless of the baggage you are traveling with, provided it complies with the allowed weight and size characteristics. Upon declaring that you need to travel with a dialysis machine due to being a patient with kidney failure, it is important that you always complete and submit the MEDIF form when making your reservation or up to 48 hours before the departure of the flight.
  • If you are not the user of the dialysis machine, its transport will be subject to the baggage corresponding to the fare you purchased. It can be substituted for one of these or you may purchase additional baggage.
  • In order to prevent the dialysis machine you are transporting from being damaged, it is important that it be correctly packaged, insulated and kept under your care and responsibility when being transported in the cabin.

Considerations for the transport of dialysis machines

  • Their use on board is not permitted.
  • The machine and additional supplies must comply with the standards established for the transport of hazardous goods.
  • On codeshare flights between LATAM and other airlines, you must check the acceptance conditions directly with the companies involved in the trip.


Orthopedic positioning device (OPD)

You can travel with an orthopedic positioning device (OPD) to control your posture during the trip, as long as you comply with the following conditions:

  • You can travel with an OPD for personal use during the flight, free of charge, regardless of your other baggage. If you are not going to use the OPD, it will be considered as part of the baggage allowance of the fare you purchased. It will be subject to an additional charge if it exceeds the amount, size and weight allowance.

  • You must travel with a medical certificate if you have been hospitalized or suffered from organ failure within 30 days before the flight.

  • Passengers with physical, sensory, or cognitive impairments that do not comply with the criteria indicated in our passenger assistance section must travel with a companion.


You must also keep in mind that:

  • You can travel with the OPD on all flights operated by LATAM.

  • On trips with flights on other airlines, you must contact them directly as the requirements may change.

  • For safety reasons, you cannot travel with these devices in an exit row seat.