Bassinet Service

Are you traveling with your baby? Here at LATAM, your baby can travel in a comfortable and safe bassinet when flying in the economy cabin. Only babies weighing up to 10 kilos and up to 71 cm tall can travel in the bassinet. 

You can request the bassinet on all routes operated by LATAM on Boeing 767, 777, 787 and Airbus 350. This service is subject to availability on each flight.


Service Conditions

  • This service is free if you are traveling in a LATAM+ seat. If you’re traveling with a companion that must sit next to you, remember that they must purchase a seat.

  • If you’re traveling with other passengers, we will assign the seats in accordance with availability and the fare conditions for the ticket you purchased.

Flight Considerations

  • For safety reasons, the bassinet will be installed after take-off and will be removed before landing.


Do you have your own BedBox, inflatable cushion, Flyaway or another item for your baby? Check the transportation conditions in the section Comfort items.