Find the answers to questions you may have as a TAM passenger


Why Am I not available to access the TAM United States website anymore?

Because we are flying to become LATAM, and we want to improve your experience with us. We are working to make all our services available to you in one single place.


Will I be able to view my TAM United States website in Portuguese again?

The information is temporarily only available in LAN United States (English). We will soon incorporate Portuguese and if you have a TAM Fidelidade account you can download the mobile App from Google Store or Apple Store, both of them are available in Portuguese.


Will I have the same services on that I used to have as a TAM customer?

During this first stage in establishing a single LATAM experience, the following services will be available only through our Contact Center: check your reservation, TAM space +, upgrade class of service, ticket refunds, ticket changes and excess baggage. From the United States call to 1 866 435 9526 and from overseas call to +57 1 8290868. You can purchase LAN and TAM tickets and process your Check-in at USA.


Where can I Check-in for my TAM flights and view the travel requirements before my trip?

You can Check-in for your TAM flight on and if you need to know about travel requirements, please go to the Travel Information section.


What is going to happen with all the TAM destinations?

The merge of the two airlines has allowed us to expand the benefits that we offer. From now on, together we reach 150 destinations in 22 countries, which allows you to have more connections across the world.





Will TAM Fidelidade Program continue?

The transition toward LATAM will not affect the TAM Fidelidade program.


What is the relationship between TAM Fidelidade and Multiplus?

In order to be part of TAM Fidelidade you must be registered with Multiplus, a loyalty rewards program that allows you to accumulate points which you can redeem for air travel tickets or other products. You accumulate points automatically each time you fly with TAM.


Where can I access TAM Fidelidade?

In the USA menu, selecting the option LANPASS & Fidelidade you can access the information you need. If you have a TAM Fidelidade user, you can download the mobile application and navigate to access the information you need.


Do I still have my TAM Fidelidade points?

Your TAM Fidelidade points and benefits remain unchanged during this new phase.


Can I login with my TAM Fidelidade username on

You can access your TAM Fidelidade information through Multiplus.


Can I view and redeem my TAM Fidelidade points on

You now have access to Multiplus at USA, where you can view your balance and redeem points from your TAM Fidelidade account.


Will LANPASS and TAM Fidelidade operate separately?

The two frequent flyer programs are different and will operate separately.