Corporate Citizenship seeks to enrich our connections with customers, employees, communities, governments and suppliers, building positive relationships that contribute to the Company, to society and to the destination places where we operate. It allows us to obtain the "Social License" to operate; in other words, it gains our vote of confidence among interested parties. Corporate Citizenship includes acts of philanthropy, but it expands the framework of vision to further include actions that improve the social impact.

Our Corporate Strategy of Sustainability 2015-2018 focuses on the following four areas of action which involve the communities in the destination places where we operate as well as ourselves:

  1. Support the Company's internal culture and the well-being of its employees.

  2. Integrate social and environmental factors in the products and services that improve the customer experience.

  3. Contribute to the development of the destination places where we operate.

  4. Contribute to the conservation of Latin America's cultural and environmental heritage.

Sustainability Report