In 2015 our Vice Presidency of Corporate Affairs led a process that had the following underlying goals: 1) to identify stakeholders of the LATAM Airlines Group and define their critical areas, 2) determine which are the priority groups of interest and map out their relevance, 3) establish and systematize a management model for corporate relationship-building with stakeholders, 4) identify areas of connection with each group of interest, with indicators and follow-up, 5) establish channels of communication and interrelation that are well-defined, long-termed, coordinated and transparent, with the aim of reaching a coherent relationship of trust, and lastly 6) engage in join activities that allow us to identify gaps and opportunities.

Always open to transparent and legitimate dialog, we seek joint solutions that are centered on efficiency and profitability. LATAM has teams that are responsible for following and participating in these discussions. In Chile and in other markets we also make sure to study routes and flights that will help to generate tourism, employment and profitability in places where we hadn't operated before, coordinating accordingly with the local communities and governments.


Sustainability Report