Premium Business

Premium Business

A world class cabin, designed for you to rest like never before.



Designed to prioritize privacy and rest

  • Full-flat bed (reclines 180º, completely horizontal) for you to rest better. 
  • The latest generation of on-board entertainment with your own personal Panasonic screen (up to 18").
  • Quick charge USB ports and 110 volt universal plug. 


Premium Business


We take care of every detail in order for you to have a unique experience

  • Thinking of improving your rest, we have added a new comforter that is not only softer, but temperature-controlling. There is also a larger pillow for you to sleep better.


  • For flights lasting more than 5 hours, our new mat will take your rest to the next level. It is designed with spacer fabric technology, a material developed by NASA which regulates temperature, ensures the flow of air and calms the pressure points of the body during sleep.

Premium Business


A kit with everything you need to rest well.

  • To ensure relaxation during your flight, you will get a sleeping mask, earplugs, socks, a pencil and a selection of L'Occitane* travel essentials. 









*Applies to overnight flights longer than 5 hours and day flights longer than 7 hours. 


Premium Business


The best Latin American flavors on your flight

  • Our delicious new menu will really surprise you because it was created by renowned chefs for each moment of the day and inspired by our passengers’s requests. We offer you a variety of the best wines in the continent for you to fully enjoy this gastronomic experience, which were the personal choices of Héctor Vergara, the only Master Sommelier in Latin America. 

Premium Business


The best of cinema and TV flying right next to you

  • Enjoy Latin America’s best on board content with LATAM Play! We bring you the latest blockbusters, TV must-watchs, thousands of songs, games, interactive maps and much more. Our next-generation display technology has all of our passengers in mind and takes your experience to the next level. Kids will also have a blast with their own selection of content and games.


Premium Business

Explore our cabin in 360 degrees

Premium Business