LATAM Pass Points Information

LATAM Pass Points Information

We’re still together so that your dreams go further

We’re still together so that your dreams go further


We’re rewarding your loyalty in the middle of the contingency for the COVID-19 by giving you greater flexibility when using your LATAM Pass Points, earning Qualifying Points and providing you with the option of using your Elite benefits. 


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LATAM Pass Points Information

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LATAM Pass Points Information

We’ve lowered the targets to qualify for Elite categories throughout 2020 


We’ve reduced the target by 30% for Qualifying Points and the Qualifing Segments you need in order to qualify for the Elite membership category. Everything you earn during 2020 will help you qualify for an Elite category.


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We’re extending the expiration date for already expired LATAM Pass Points

All the points expired in March, April and May 2020, will have their expiration days extended in 90 days so that you can redeem them for whatever you want.



We are extending the validity of your Elite membership category until 2022


We are extending the validity of your Elite category obtained in March of this year until March 31, 2022, so that when we fly again, you may continue to enjoy your Elite benefits, regardless of how much you flew in 2020.

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Flexibility for your canceled tickets

  • Passengers traveling with award tickets affected by flight cancellations or rescheduling are subject to the same benefits as passengers traveling with commercial fares under the following considerations:

  • The involuntary refund of the award ticket entails the refund of all Points not used on the redeemed ticket, with no charges for the refund.


    From March 27th, 2020, in the case of an involuntary refund of the award ticket with expired points, the validity of the expired points is modified to 180 days. This applies to unused and partially used tickets, regardless of the date of issue. The extension will be carried out automatically through the system, when entering the refunds website and in the flow of Information for partially used tickets must be checked through the contact center. 

  • In case of involuntary refunds entered into the system before March 27th, 2020, they maintain the policy of extending points’ expiration date for 30 days.