Making you feel safe

Is what makes us fly

Your safety is our main concern. This is why we are following the recommendations of international organizations such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the World Health Organization (WHO),  International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), governments and local authorities. 


We continue making our best to make you feel safe when travelling. LATAM has been awarded as the airline group with the best safety and hygiene standard in Latin America by “APEX Health Safety powered by SimpliFlying” with the DIAMOND category, the highest rating in this standard and in the entire region.


Additionally, LATAM Airlines Group was recognized by the airline industry’s leading accreditation organization for COVID-19 safe travel, Skytrax, obtaining a 4-star rating. LATAM is  the only airline in South America to have ever achieved this category.


Check more information about the raiting here.


Precautions on board


Mandatory use of face masks

  • Local authorities and IATA (International Air Transport Association) have defined the use of these protection elements during your trip. They minimize the possibility of cross-infection among people on board. It is essential to wear them correctly; they must cover your mouth and nose completely, reducing the drops expelled when breathing, coughing, or sneezing by 90%.

  • Masks with valves, fabric handkerchiefs or bandanas, scarves or masks made of woven material (wool-yarn), plastic mouth guard, are NOT ALLOWED. 

  • We suggest following the manufacturer's recommendation regarding the time of use, remembering that a mask should be discarded and replaced if it becomes dirty, wet or deteriorated. For long-duration flights it is advisable to bring extra masks for replacement.

  • The types of face masks to be worn can be the traditional surgical ones, or the N95, as well as hand-made fabric masks, as long as they completely cover your nose and mouth.

  • There are some exceptions about the type or models of face masks allowed in certain countries such as Chile, Peru, Colombia, Germany and Brazil. Check the details in the Help Center.

Precautions on board


Aircraft sanitation before and after the flight

  • We manually carry out thorough disinfection on all contact surfaces of our aircraft with 70% alcohol.


A sterile environment on board

  • During the flight, you will be breathing clean air, thanks to the action of HEPA filters that were implemented into the cabin ventilation system. They are present in all of our aircraft and remove 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. In addition to cleaning the air, this system renews it every 3 minutes, mixing a part of filtered air into the cabin with air extracted directly from the atmosphere. Find out more about HEPA filter


Precautions on board

Boarding and disembarking

  • We have adjusted our boarding and disembarking process to avoid crowding


Distancing measures

  • Our crew has guidelines to promote social distancing during flights and will organize passengers in order to avoid crowding when boarding the plane, upon arrival at the destination, etc.
  • Blocking the middle seat as a measure of social distancing is not recommended by IATA within its guidelines to ensure a safe flight.


Crew Protocols

  • We adjusted our protocols to minimize interactions with passengers

Precautions on board


  • We simplified our food services by minimizing the handling of items and limiting each service to only one interaction.
  • This service is temporarily suspended, for both Economy and Premium Economy cabins, on domestic flights from Brazil, Peru and Colombia at the request of local authorities.



  • All of our rest elements are sanitized and sealed before each flight (on the routes that have this service). Items have been temporarily removed from the pockets of each seat.
Due to local regulations, we have suspended the distribution of pillows and blankets on flights to or from Colombia

Precautions on board

IATA recommendations

If you want to know more about the recommendations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) that guarantee your safety on board, visit their website.


You can also check our infographic on security measures.

Precautions on board


Precautions on board



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