Sustainability, a necessary destination

Sustainability, a necessary destination

A few years ago, we set out to be more sustainable. Today, this is our promise.

“A Necessary Destination” is the name of our long-term sustainability strategy, through which we assume collaborative and dialogue-based commitments. It will contribute to protecting the ecosystems in South America for the next 30 years.

We are an actor that promotes the social, environmental, and economic development of the region. It is increasingly connected with the people’s demands and desires and works collaboratively looking for collective solutions. 

We have decided to deepen this area further, setting sustainability at the center of our strategy as a group.  We have a task to fulfill regarding our region’s sustainable development by conserving its biodiversity, culture, and unique destinations. Relive the launch of our commitments.

However, we did not start from scratch. We have been working on sustainability for years and have developed projects that gave us great satisfaction. For example, all LATAM actions and decisions are based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) since the launch of the global plan in 2015 to meet climate, social, and health needs, among others.   

Our conviction is that we want to be part of the solution to contribute to the world’s protection, ecosystems, biodiversity, and people’s well-being.

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Enviromental Management

We will implement a system to address our environmental impacts by 2025.


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Enviromental management


We will offset 50% of domestic emissions by 2030.


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Climate change

Circular Economy

We want to reduce the waste that is sent to landfills to zero by 2027.


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Circular economy


We aim at developing a shared value model that allows us to add value to society from our expertise: connecting.


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Shared Value

“A Necessary Destination” is based on four pillars: environmental management, climate change, circular economy, and shared value. It will impact the diverse groups we interact and have a relationship with: passengers, workers, suppliers, and communities.


Our trajectory


  • Dow Jones Sustainability Index: The Dow Jones Sustainability Index assesses and recognizes companies based on economic, environmental and social criteria. They include corporate governance and regulatory compliance, social reporting, human capital development, efficiency, customer relationship management, in addition to assessments and environmental management. We have been selected as part of the Dow Jones Emerging Markets Sustainability Index since 2012. In 2014, LATAM Airlines became the first group of airlines in the Americas to enter the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index. 

    In May 2020, the company filed for the voluntary reorganization process under US Chapter 11, which forced the group to stop trading on the New York Stock Exchange. As a consequence, it was no longer included in the index. 

  • Silver Class Category, “The Sustainability Yearbook”: the objective of The Sustainability Yearbook is to distinguish companies that demonstrate outstanding environmental, social and corporate governance management. This yearbook brings together companies with the world’s best environmental, social and corporate governance practices. They are rated and listed in the DJSI, the world’s leading and most respected sustainable investment index. In 2020, we were listed in the Silver Class category, and we were the only airline group in the region that received this distinction.


Integrated Report. Annually, the company presents in a transparent and objective manner, the main results and challenges experienced by the business in the economic, social and environmental areas.


Integrated Report