Travel Smarter By Taking The Most Direct Route.

No other airline can get you from Boston to São Paulo non-stop. We are South America, and our new route is a breakthrough for those who travel to Brazil — one of the world’s top 10 economies. 


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Are You Traveling For Leisure? 


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Our Boston flight connects you to Brazil your gateway to unlimited adventure. Travel throughout the country of Brazil and connect to Chile, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay & Bolivia. 

New Experiences Await You 

With flights Arriving at 5:25 am you can make the most out of your trip whether it be a short time visiting friends and family or an extended stay that will allow you see all that Brazil has to offer.  

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Are You Traveling For Business? 



Get to Work Early

Arrive at 5:25 am and make morning meetings with time to spare. Avoid lost time, gain business time: Flying non-stop means connecting flights, layovers and changing planes are non-issues.

Our Corporate Travel Program

Combines business with pleasure. Your success overseas hinges on making good deals. Start with one that kicks off business trips with better rates, perks, and significant benefits.



South America is our home. Let us take you there!